[MOD] DLCMove Export/Import


This allows you to have all the DLC moves in your 1.02 install. This is not an automated process and VERY detailed instructions are provided. It will require that you put in some legwork.:

  1. Decompress the archive fully to desktop.
  2. Find the “Install to 2.0” folder and enter it.
  3. Copy or move the DLCMoveExporter.dll to your 2.0 install’s FireProWrestlingW_Data\Managed\ folder.
  4. Find the “Install to 1.02” folder and enter it.
  5. Copy or move the ImportDLCMoves.dll to your 1.02 install’s FireProWrestlingW_Data\Managed\ folder.
  6. Use Unity Asset Bundle Extractor [hereafter referred to as UABE] (Google for download) to open Resources.assets in your 2.0 install.
  7. Search for fprform_rff and use the plugin button -> export to .txt to export the file.
  8. Do the same for following list of fpw_#### files: https://i.imgur.com/X6Mj5Ch.png
    8b) I missed the Punching Lariat, you will also need to rip fpw_2012 from resources.assets.
  9. Close UABE for your 2.0
  10. In Windows Explorer enter your 1.02 install’s FireProWrestlingW_Data\ folder and make a backup of Resources.assets.
  11. Use UABE to open Resources.assets in your 1.02 install.
  12. Search for fprform_rff and use the plugin button -> import from .txt to import the previously exported 2.0 fprform_rff file.
  13. Save your resources.assets file. UABE will not let your overwrite so give it a new name.
  14. Delete your Resources.assets file and then rename the one you just saved with UABE to Resources.assets
  15. Create a folder in the main directory of your Fire Pro 1.02 install named DLCMoves
  16. Copy or move all the fpw_####.txt files you exported to this new directory.
  17. Run the patcher on your 2.0 install and select DLCMoveExporter.dll (there will be two boxes to check on the right hand side, check them both) and hit the patch button.
  18. Run Fire Pro Wrestling World 2.0 and advance to the main menu (you may recieve a networking error if you do not enter the main menu first).
  19. Navigate to the PWGR window and find the DLC Exporter, press the Export to XML button. If you also want to use the new moves in WazaMake, you can press the Export to Bytes button, but this is only necessary to use the moves in WazaMake.
  20. close Fire Pro.
  21. In your 2.0 install’s main directory there should now be a DLCMoves directory with a bunch of .info files in it. Copy all of those files to the DLCMoves directory you created in your 1.02 install’s main directory (which should also contain all the fpw_####.txt files).
  22. Run the patcher on your 1.02 install.
  23. Select the ImportDlCMoves.dll from the list and make sure both the right and left options are checked and hit the button to patch your game.
  24. Run your game.

Keep in mind that the exporter will check that you actually own the DLC, if you do not, you will not be able to export any move marked as DLC and thus you will be unable to import it in the new version.

The instructions are also provided in the download.



If you were having trouble with this yesterday, please re-download and try again. I believe I fixed the error that some people where experiencing.


Does the version on unity we use matter? I had downloaded the old version needed for use with the commentary mod. Will that version still work?


Should I be concerned about this?https://i.imgur.com/bxCQHjE.png


Additional info, the items are in the first type database i opened. But I’m concerned about this No type database matching the player version stuff.


Disregard. That didn’t matter and I have the DLC moves in now.


anyone have issues with UABE crashing every time you would try to load the resources file?


I did using the UABE I’ve been using, but not when I upgraded to the new beta. I’m not in front of my PC but I think it was 2.2beta versus 2.1 - something like that.


Yeah thanks I was able to get one on the Discord from somebody that ended up working. Well at least not freezing I haven’t actually done all the process yet


I haven’t either as my in-laws are in town until Monday, but I think it will work for us now.


Does it do the check for the DLC every time you load the game or just at the initial setup


Only the exporter checks for the DLC…

The importer must be run every time you start the game, as there’s no way to change the resources.assets file on the fly…and adding files to the resources.assets file is spotty at best when using 3rd party tools like UABE. This method makes the process less spotty, but the moves doe not get installed unless the Importer installs them upon game startup.

I hope that helped.


Got a question - by using this, do I still need to be online to use the DLC moves? Or can I use them offline?


is there an easier way to search in uabe? So far the only way I’ve figured out is to hit the “f” key to scroll through everything that starts with an “f”. I can’t actually type in the name field.

Also do I need to export in steps 7 and 8 to any particular folder?


There is no online check here…in fact, there is no DLC at all in 1.02, so once you’ve extracted the moves from your 2.0 game, you’re free and clear of any DLC checks.

That is one reason why you may not share your extracted files here.


Alright, just wanted to know. Thanks.

Edit: One more thing - does this include the moves added in the 2.0 update as well?


There’s a search function you can type in the whole fpw_ name and it will find it.


Question; I deleted my 2.0 file altogether. I’m up to step 6 and realizing I’m probably fucked. Is there a way to download 2.0, without losing my 1.02 rollback? Or, is there any other work around?


Step 13 says “Save your resources.assets file. UABE will not let your overwrite so give it a new name.”

Do I save this to my 2.0 install’s folder or my 1.02?


it’s for your 1.02 file