[MOD] Ace's Mods

Thought I’d finally make a thread on FP2 to have at least some kind of documentation as to how this stuff works.

Last Updated: 2020-06-19T14:00:00Z

Assuming you have the PWGR Patcher and Carl’s Mod Pack:

Download this file (Right Click > Save Linked Content As) and place it in /<your fire pro directory>/pwgrrepos/

You should then be able to download/update my mods through the patcher itself without having to manually download anything else.

NOTE: The Mod Pack Framework must be patched in for Discord Rich Presence to work.


Animated Ring Parts

This mod lets you select a sequence of images to then be animated for either the aprons, posts or mat.
I’ll include a PSD with everything you should need (Outline, Overlays, a Raw aprons example, etc.).
There’s also a fully made NXT aprons and posts animation included.

The way the animations work is that it’s actually a sequence of images rather than a video file or a gif. In programs such as Photoshop or Sony Vegas you can export videos as image sequences which is probably the best way to create these animations.

The files go in “/AceModsData/AnmAprons//”.

The naming convention of aprons has to be the ring name exactly, underscore, ‘L’ or ‘R’ depending on which side it’s for, underscore, then the number in the image sequence. Then the overlay needs to be the ringname exactly, underscore, ‘OverlayR’ or ‘OverlayL’

Smackdown Live_R_0000.png
Smackdown Live_OverlayR.png

If you’re mirroring the aprons, you don’t need left ones, it’ll just use the right aprons for the left aprons.

Mats and posts are very similarly named.

Smackdown Live_Mat_0000.png
Smackdown Live_Post_0000.png

All of these have to be named pretty specifically or else it won’t work.

This is the UI:

Pre-Match Taunts

This mod triggers both wrestlers starting the match to perform a taunt to each other as the match starts if they both have one assigned.

Getting this one to work is pretty simple, you just click the wrestler in the form and select which of their taunts you want them to do.

The UI:

Auto-Set CPU

This mod just reverts the match creator screen back to the way it was pre-2.0 where every slot was set to CPU rather than post-2.0 where the first slot is always P1 by default.

KO State

This mod will make a defeated opponent go in the critical pose when defeated in any manner.

Discord Rich Presence

This is a passive mod that enables Discord Rich Presence so your game information will show on your discord profile. It included details about edit mode, move craft and more.

Cutplay Options

This adds specific customisable options to ensure your preferred amount of cutplay in tag team matches. You can set the HP, SP, and Downtime for your partner and opponent separately, as well as the match time and number of cutplay attempts. You can also set it to force cutplay if your set conditions are true (in some cases, the default in-game variable may prevent this. Checking this box would ensure that it is forced anyway)

If the specified conditions are met during a cutplay opportunity, then it will allow cutplay to commence.

There’s also an option to have the legal man pin the opponent after the illegal man performs their finisher rather than them just pretending it never happened.

This is the UI, it appears when launching tag team matches where Cutplay is enabled in the match settings. There are also preset options.

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Updated 2020-06-19T14:00:00Z to include Cutplay Options and the new patcher download/update method.