[Mod 2.0] Mod Pack


This version adds or changes the following:

  • Added the ability to edit a wrestler’s main style/style preferences in Fire Promoter.
  • Added Sound Replacement Mod. This allows you to overwrite the default match/crowd/referee/announcer/wrestler noises (including wrestler voices).
  • Adjusted weight detection a little bit to make it a little bit more forgiving in regards to max lift weight. Wrestlers with a strength of 4 (the default starting point for starting strength calculations) should now be able to lift anyone under 300lbs.
  • Added Iron Man matches
  • Added First Blood matches
  • Re-added user triggerable and selectable interference.
  • Interference no longer tanks match ratings as long as the “Allow Multi-Man Run-Ins” is checked on the rival form.
  • Managers no longer tank ratings.
  • Re-Added the ability to break referee’s count-outs by entering and exiting the ring. This is optional via a checkbox on the Mod Pack 2.0 Form.
  • Wrestlers booked to win are no longer able to lose by Countout or DQ. The referee will simply restart the count instead of calling for the loss. If you’re using the Sound Replacement Mod, two new sounds are available to use to offset the jarring nature of this…[Referee Name]_WarningOutOfRing.wav and [Referee Name]_WarningFoul.wav these clips will play before the count resets to make it seem like the referee broke the count to issue a warning, which happens all the time in real life.

Download link is in the first post.
The new sound packs and individual files can be found in the following locations: the #sfx-creation channel on my Discord or in this thread: Custom Sound Packs feel free to share your own in either location.


Hey Carl, long time no talk.

Somebody told me I could see or export the default Fire Promoters’ wrestlers skills & paramaters (and moves, eventually) using the mod. I don’t see any option for it in Fire Promoter Options… Is that really supported?

BTW, the invite to the Discord on top of the page no longer works, I tried going on there and it says it expired.


Here’s a discord invite.

It’s in the Entrance Attire mod…I know it’s a strange place for it, but all other manipulation of the defaults was already there, so it made sense in my head.


Thank you for both the invite and the mod, man! Single button to export all I need, that’s awesome. Great work again.

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  • Makes the ModPack compatible with the latest game update.

  • Added the ability to modify the weight detection max lift weight values.

  • Seconds will now react to interference if they have a high enough “Second Aggressiveness” trait (this is configurable in their CPU Logic).

  • Wrestlers who are in the interfere list of the opposite corner will now attempt to “make the save” when the opponent’s interference triggers.

  • Referees can eject seconds who interfere, sending them to the back just like any other interfering wrestler.

  • Referees can throw the match out if they lose control (both sides have interference active).

  • Referees can be individually configured on the Rivals form to do either of those actions, and their tolerance can be set. A referee with a high tolerance is more likely to allow the action to occur.

  • Interfering wrestlers have a chance to enter with their favorite weapon…

  • Custom sound effects will now be effected by the in-game volume settings.

  • Improved memory usage of custom sounds.

  • Allows for the customization of menu music. Just drop mp3 files into the .\BGM\MenuTracks folder and the mod will pick them at random. It will also not loop them…so you’ll hear a new track when the current one ends.

  • Added the ability to have wrestlers booed as they make their way to ringside. This requires BOTH the heel database AND the sound replacement mod. You will need to use custom loops in order to activate them. See Sounds.txt for more info.

  • Added hotkeys to trigger interference in a match. You can press [ to trigger interference for the blue side and ] to trigger interference for the red side.

  • Added workshop upload DLC requirement autotagging. This adds a “REQUIRES X DLC” note in the description since Spike has not exposed the actual workshop DLC required tags in their code, and hooking/modding the Steam dlls will get me banned.

  • Added the ability to generate a list of unused .tex files for those who use custom parts. This will check the currently loaded save game and tell you if any of the current loaded .tex files are not necessary to load your wrestlers. Since this only checks the currently loaded game, it is not safe to simply delete or move .tex files if you use the multiple save game mod. In order to (re)move .tex files while using multiple saves the .tex file would have to be unused in ALL save games.

Download link on my Discord server (https://discord.gg/6sAn9Sy) or in the original post.