[Mod 2.0] Mod Pack


A collection of mods that is the spiritual successor to the ModSuite. You can always find the most recent and up to date download link in my Discord (https://discord.gg/6sAn9Sy) or using the download link below. If you need support, please use the Discord, my visits here are not incredibly frequent.



This version adds the following:

  • Tag Team Themes to Easy Theme - Just make sure the theme in the BGM folder shares the team name and it will automatically be used instead of the wrestler’s individual themes during team entrances.

  • Parameter Templates - You can now dump a CPU/Moveset/Param/Skill setup to a file, then use that file to easily apply general templates to wrestlers. It also works while you’re working on a wrestler in the Edit Wrestler Menu.

  • Starting Weapon Count has been enabled for non-deathmatch matches, allowing you to have a normal match, or, more importantly, one of the non Big Garden deathmatches, start with weapons.

  • Added the ability to set non Big Garden Arena cage matches to Escape Only.

Download link is in the first post.


This version adds the following:

  • Interviews have been moved from MotW, you can now set up a match and mark it as an interview without having to use MotW. You can still book them in MotW like normal. Interviews will not work if an MotW promotion window is open to avoid potential conflicts.

  • 3 New Extended Special Skills:
    — Deadly Finisher (5x damage the first time a finisher is used)
    — Cascading Finisher (.25x damage boost for every signature the wrestler has done in the match, will trigger the first two times finisher is used)
    — Submission Sniper (Opponents tap-out chance is based on limb damage instead of spirit)

  • Alphabetize Rings

  • Alphabetize Refs

  • Entrances for Tag Teams in Yurakuen Hall and the Dojo

Download link can be found in the first post.


This version fixes the following errors:

  • Incorrectly tagged edits as modded during modded edit detection while decided if an edit is eligible for Workshop Upload due to the addition of new default countries.

  • The Title Changes on DQ/Countout checkbox now saves properly between game sessions.

  • The game will no longer freeze in Interview Integrator/MotW Interview Segments for players without MoveLists active.

  • MoveLists should be working again for everyone.

There may be more bug fixes, but these are the ones I remember.

Download link can be found in the first post.


Here’s a little reminder that there’s less than two weeks left in donation season…so if you’re thinking about it and haven’t, now is the time. (Though I think this is the first time I’ve posted about donations on this board, so it may not be a reminder for some of you).

Also…there’s a new version of the ModPack for 2.03.30. This version makes the ModPack compatible with the latest version of FPW and adds/changes the following:

  • The Heel Database has been reintroduced.
  • The bloodstain mod now increases the amount of possible bloodstains to 1000 (it was previously 500).
  • A way to transfer edits between save games has been introduced for those players using the Mod Pack Save Game feature. You no longer need to import/export edits unless you plan to share them with other players.
  • Bugs have been squashed.

The download link can be found in the first post in this topic, on my discord server, or at the following link:


Thanks Carlzilla. I really appreciate the work you put in on this. As a new player, the mods really are necessary. I’ve sent across $10 via paypal!


Has anybody else been getting frame drops with freeCam enabled recently? It seems worse than before the latest patch. Some move animations are noticeably choppy (especially aerial) for me when FreeCam is enabled.

I’m running on an i7 laptop with 16b RAM, so it may be that my lack of dedicated gfx card is this problem.


I haven’t noticed any frame drops at all with any of the mods.


This version adds the following options to the ModPack.

Adds Front and Back Grapples to priority follow-up actions.
Notes about the way Fire Pro handles grapple priorities:

  • If the opponent is not stunned, the priority is cancelled. In order to link two grapples moves where the first move leaves the opponent grounded you will need to make use of a Wake-Up Taunt from the modpack or a custom move that causes a stand-up to dazed situation.

  • In some extremely rare cases, AI get stuck in a loop of doing the follow-up move until it is countered or a state change (like falling out of the ring) occurs. I’ve tried to minimize this occurrence, and have been mostly successful, but it may still happen from time to time. I’m aware of it, please don’t report it.

  • Edits using the new grapple priorities WILL work in matches on games that are not modded, HOWEVER due to the fact that they will cause lockups if they are copied to open in Edit mode, they are banned from being uploaded to the workshop.

**Adds weight detection to the MoveList mod. **
Notes about weight detection:

  • Weight detection can be configured on it’s own window, but the MoveList mod must be enabled in order to use Weight Detection. You do not need to set-up MoveLists for wrestlers in order to take advantage of Weight Detection.

  • Wrestlers can opt in and out of Weight Detection individually, and their lifting strength (which is based on their Arm Power parameter to begin with) can be edited without having to make changes to the parameter from the Weight Detection form.

  • The 2nd tab of the Weight Detection form is where users can define what counts as a lifting move, and which moves are used to replace lifting moves based on the move type. Replacement moves are selected from lists that correspond to a wrestler’s fight style.

Bugs were also crushed

Download link in the first post.


This version adds/changes/fixes the following:
- ModPack compatibility updated to 2.04
- Re-adds Edit Import/Export to the ModPack. This allows you to share edits with all modded data intact (end users will still need to have any custom textures or moves installed on the game, this will not share them).
- Reintroduces the Reversal Editor to the ModPack
- Fixes issues with AI logic due to ThrowOutLogic.
- Adds crowd editing to the ModPack.

Notes on crowd editing:

  • Default crowd sprites are not included and can be downloaded here:

  • Crowds sprite sets need to maintain the file names AD0X_YY_0Z where X is the arena number, YY is location ID which will be one of the following: FL, FR, or BL, and ZZ is the animation cycle index 0 - 4.

  • All 5 animations for all 3 location IDs need to exist for it to work properly. It won’t throw errors, but if the texture doesn’t exist it will not update things properly.

  • Crowd sprite sets should be placed into the following folder:
    ModPackData\Audiences\Arena ID><Ring Name>\ Arena IDs are the same as they are for custom arena textures, with AR06 being the MMA cage audience.

- Re-adds wrestler heat to MotW
Wrestler Heat Notes:

  • Wrestler Heat effects match ratings.

  • Wrestlers can have different popularity/heat ratings across different regions.

  • Ratings of matches involving wrestlers with very high heat can top 100%

  • Introduces a star rating system to the results screen.

  • If you used a test version of the ModPack, please delete heat.dat from your MotW_Data folder BEFORE running the game with the update patched in.

- Fixes the broken pin moves: Top Rope Roll-up, Appeal Body Buster, etc.
- Makes it so wrestlers will ALWAYS sell a finisher, and adds a new extra special skill that makes it so wrestlers will immediately get up after delivering their finisher or signature (within reason).
- Adds an option to the Rival Manager to allows more then one wrestler to run in. (THIS ONLY HAS AN EFFECT IN MotW WHERE YOU CAN BOOK MULTIPLE GUYS TO RUN IN!)
- Adds the ability to change default wrestler’s entrance themes.

Download link in the first post.


This version makes the Mod Pack compatible with both the NJPW Jr. DLC and Fire Promoter DLC

Added Features:

  • Added contract system to Fire Promoter Options that gives contracts a length. This will help keep the game interesting and make you think on your toes as far as booking options go.

  • Adds the ability to edit, add, and delete titles to the player’s organization in Fire Promoter.

  • Added the option to make contract offers unlimited or to unset the flag if you don’t want it unlimited but would like to make more than one in any given month.

  • Added a “Use this Referee in Fire Promoter” and “Use This Ring in Fire Promoter” options.

  • Added a “Log History” option to Fire Promoter that will allow you to save the basic card info for every card by every promotion in Fire Promoter.

  • Added a debut database to Fire Promoter which allows you to set up debut dates for edits and have them automatically added to the mode once that date passes in game. This option works in conjunction with the Start Date option.

  • Wrestlers in a company that goes bankrupt in Fire Promoter will now be returned to the free agent pool if the option is selected on the FIre Promoter Options form.

  • Retirements in Fire Promoter are now optional using the checkbox on the Fire Promoter Options form.

  • Added the ability to change the start year in Fire Promoter via the Fire Promoter Options form. This should avoid mass retirements when trying to do a Fire Promoter game using old school promotions.

  • Added ability to add new wrestlers to Fire Promoter mode after it’s already begun.

  • Adds crowd sizes to MotW

  • Adds a crowd size selector for exhibition matches to the Mod Pack for 2.0+ form

  • Adds headlock move replacement to MoveLists

  • Removes custom crowds, changes to crowd animation made this feature bug-ridden.

  • Fixes frozen crowds while using Arena Textures.

Download Link in the first post.


Can you add the Random BGM feature in the next update, please? I liked that particular mod.



  • Makes the ModPack compatible with the latest update.
  • Added ability to preview strap/plate choices on Fire Promoter Options
  • Fixed Individual Move Rename to work in all (if I missed any let me know) menus
  • Added the ability to display tag team names in Fire Promoter event booking and run event screens.
  • Added a “Save Games” tab to the Fire Promoter Options window, this will allow you to move Fire Promoter saves between Game Saves. You will be prompted to select the directory containing your old fpsavedatalist.dat and old fp savedata_##.dat files.
  • Moved Fire Promoter related options to a new category in the patcher: Fire Promoter Options.
  • Added a timer to interference when interference rate is set to “Always” in MotW to avoid interference happening immediately at the start of the match.
  • Fixed the Down Time counters on the Lifebars so they actually update when enabled.
  • Random Match BGM has been added to the Mod Pack for 2.0 form.
  • Flavor has been added to the Fire Promoter TV broadcast options in the form of channel names. Instead of just generic broadcast sizes like “Local” or “National”…now you will see things like USA Network (National) or Local ABC Affiliate (Local). The list of stations is editable from the “General Options” tab in Fire Promoter Options.
  • Protected Finishers now trigger based on individual moves instead of every move tagged with a finisher.
  • Added the ability to filter out wrestlers too young to work when starting in an earlier year in Fire Promoter. This also automatically calculates a reasonable debut date and adds wrestlers to the debut database. Keep in mind that this isn’t aiming for historical accuracy so much as factual possibility.
  • Completely redid the entrance attire mod. This new mod allows for unlimited wrestling/entrance costume choices. Title entrance attires will still supersede regular entrance attires if a wrestler is a champion and a title entrance attire for that title is found.
  • Added the ability to export all events/news for any given month if history logging is enabled in Fire Promoter.

Download link in the first post


Hmm Zilla is the booking mod not working? And where can I find the Lucha tag rules, or is that not available as well?


Booking mod works fine for me.

Lucha tag was broken and did not move forward.


I’m glad to see Random BGM is back. Thanks, Carl.


Okay… later aftet work, I’ll show you what I mean. I mean the Booking mod



I’m new here though I’ve posted in Critical Club occasionally. I haven’t tried mods on PC yet but I am going to attempt to shortly. I just want to thank all the modders for all their hard work. Also just a quick question because I seen some mods for the Fire Promoter mode in FPW. Is it ever going to be possible to turn off intergender matches? Like will it ever be possible to have an all women’s promotions and not have it so you recruit male wrestlers and also would it be possible for you to have a promotion like say WWE or AEW and have it so you can have a women’s division where males don’t challenge for the women’s belt or any female wrestlers?


Just book the promotion that way. There will never be any such consideration for the AI. The booking AI is a fucking dumpster fire anyway, you’re better off just pretending they don’t exist.


Thanks for the reply.