Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling January Report


January 5, 1980 Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV Tapings Report:
The following was recorded at WRAL Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina:
Ron Bass defeated Joe Marcus in 3:51 with a Shoulderbeaker
Fuerza Guererra defeated Hiro Hito in 10:21 with a rollup
Koshi Fuji defeated Brad Armstrong in 23:06 with a small package to retain the Mid-Atlantic Cruiserweight Championship.
Matt Borne and Manny Fernandez went to a double-countout in 21:24 when Harley Race came down to ringside and distracted Manny Fernandez.
Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria defeated The McElveen Sisters in 4:21 when Victoria pinned Barbara Anne McElveen with a powerbomb.
Harley Race cut a promo saying Manny Fernandez doesn’t have what it takes to be champion.
Masked Superstar defeated Earl Pinnock with a Cobra Clutch in 2:50.
Terry Taylor defeated Tony Russo in 5:11 with the Five Arm.
Andre the Giant recorded a promo talking about how beautiful the mountains of North Carolina are.
Andre the Giant defeated Don Kernodle in 8:27 with an Elbow Drop.
Baron Von Rachke and Paul Jones defeated Earl Pinnock and Joe Marcus in 4:17 when Rachke pinned Pinnock with a Jumping Pile Driver.
Rachke and Jones cut a post-match promo indicating their plans to come after the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles.
Wahoo McDaniel defeated Tony Russo in 3:42 with a running chop.
John Studd and Stan Lane defeated The Rock n’ Roll Express by countout in 17:28 when Rachke and Paul Jones stormed the ring and attacked the Rock n’ Roll Express.
The show will be cut up into several episodes and broadcast through the month of January.

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling House Show Report:
The following is from a live event held on Jan 9, 1980 at the Cumberland County Community Civic Center Complex:
Fuerza Guererra defeated Joe Marcus in 4:46 with a German Suplex.
Princess Victoria defeated Velvet McIntyre in 23:19 with a Superkick.
Masked Superstar defeated Don Kernodle in 22:00 with a Swinging Neckbreaker.
Baron Von Rachke & Paul Jones went to a 30 Minute Time Limit Draw with Brad Armstrong and Terry Taylor
Andre The Giant and Wahoo McDaniel defeated Ron Bass & Matt Borne in 17:54 when Andre pinned Ron Bass after a Texas Suplex
Manny Fernandez & The Rock n’ Roll Express vs Harley Race, Big John Studd, & Stan Lane ended in a double-countout as the two teams brawled uncontrollably on the outside.
Similar shows are making the loop across North and South Carolina in the month of January.

January 19, 1980 at the Greensboro Coliseum.
Chichi Nagayo© defeated Princess Victoria in 9:24 with a solid sock to the jaw to retain the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Championship.
Koshi Fuji© defeated Hiro Hito in 17:28 with what he calls a “Hip Attack” to retain the Mid-Atlantic Cruiserweight Championship.
Andre The Giant defeated Big John Studd in 5:45 with an elbow drop.
The Rock n’ Roll Express© retained the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championships when Baron von Raschke and Paul Jones were disqualified when Raschke assaulted Ricky Morton with a steel chair at the 22 minute mark.
Harley Race© retained the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship against Manny Fernandez in 28:14 when both men were counted out while brawling around the arena.

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