Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling February Report


TV Taping reports from WRAL Studios:
Ron Bass pinned Fuerza Guererra after a gourdbuster in 9:34.
Don Kernodle pinned Tony Moore in 3:09 with a diving lariat.
A vignette is shown from the Annual MACW Winter Picnic & Meet & Greet that ends with John Studd getting mad at Stan Lane for getting a little friendly with Studd’s cousin.
The Rock n’ Roll Express defended their MACW Tag Team Championship against Terry Taylor & Brad Armstrong by countout when Ricky Morton just barely made it back into the ring at 9, but Terry Taylor didn’t.
A short video package is shown showcasing ChiChi Nagayo & The Lioness’s work in Japan as a tag team.
The Lioness beat Princess Victoria in 12 minutes flat with a tombstone piledriver.
Manny Fernandez beat Earl Pinnock with a backdrop in 3:24.
After the match Manny Fernandez challenged Harley Race to a steel cage, so that there would be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and nowhere to pull any dirty tricks. Just two men face to face for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.
Before the next match another clip is shown from the Mid-Atlantic Winter Picnic & Meet n’ Greet featuring Andre giving piggy back rides to family. Whole families at a time.
Andre The Giant defeated Matt Borne in 7:09 with a piledriver.
The Masked Superstar made Joe Marcus submit in under 2 minutes with the Cobra Clutch
Baron Von Rachke & Paul Jones defeated Tony Russo & Earl Pinnock in about 3 minutes with The Brain Claw.
Afterwards Rachke and Jones cut a promo saying they weren’t done with the Rock n’ Roll Express just yet.
Harley Race pinned Wahoo McDaniels with a Fisherman’s Suplex in 16:59. To close out the show, Manny Fernandez came out and had a verbal confrontation with Harley Race.

Recap from the big show at the Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA
Bass, Borne, & Kernodle beat Wahoo, Fuji, and Fuerza when Bass made Guererra submit to a brain claw in 17:16
Ron Studd beat Stan Lane in 16:11 after a press-slam. Afterwards Studd and Lane begrudgingly shook hands at the urging of their manager, Dallas Page.
The Jumpin’ Boom Gals(ChiChi Nagayo & The Lioness) defeated Princess Victoria & Velvet McIntyre when ChiChi pinned McIntyre with a springroll clutch.
Rachke & Jones beat the Rock n’ Roll Express for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles in 25:52 after Rachke hit Gibson with a backdrop.
In the main event, Harley Race defeated Manny Fernandez after a bloody mess of a cage match with the Fisherman’s Suplex in 16:22.

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