Mark Out Matches


These are always fun threads. Pics, videos, & gifs are rad, but I’m a lazy turd so here’s a writeup.

I may’ve just had my best 6-Man Tag Match. Hardcore match between Team Canada (Lance Storm, Elix Skipper, & Mike Awesome w/Hacksaw Duggan) vs. Dark Carnival (Vampiro, Great Muta, & KISS Demon w/ Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein). It was AMAZING! They went over 35+ minutes, false finish after false finish. A great spot where Muta used the Mist to set up the 3 man Clubberin’. Doyle & Hacksaw just kept throwing chairs and kendo sticks in the ring. Demon was largely useless, but Vamp did Critical him really late in the match with the Nail in the Coffin, but Demon wasn’t the legal man. Finally, Storm caught Muta with a Superkick into the Canadian Maple Leaf while Skipper & Awesome kept Vamp occupied. This was 2000 WCW Muta btw, so he had pretty low stats and low leg resiliency. Game gave it a 96%, but I wasn’t using the Tokyo Dome so, I think I get screwed on that rating. 7 GAHDAM STARS!

And I know that Dark Carnival & Misfits didn’t really cross over, but Vampiro & Friends went through so many changes so fast that the Dark Carnival is eventually going to be Vampiro, Raven, Great Muta, KISS Demon, ICP, & The Misfits. So far I only have Doyle and his ridiculous abs. He has shitty moves, but hopefully when I make the rest of the group they can beat Steve Williams in a cage match. WCW everybody.

Edits courtesy of Rev, DJKM, Hellboy, some random dude that made a 6000 pt Doyle, and myself.


I’ll start off with a write-up as well. Been running tons of test sims to tune up a new batch of edits I’ve been working on for a planned e-fed I’ll hopefully get going in the next week or so, called La Guerra De Sangre. It’s a lucha promotion in the style of AAA. I have a character called Tocapelotas who is supposed to be a sleazy, sheisty heel. Not meant to be a particularly good wrestler at all, on the rare occassion he actually wins a match I’d prefer it to be due to trickery and dirty tactics like low blows instead of any sort of pro wrestling prowess.

In a test sim today, he was facing an edit named Motosierra who is meant to be one of the top guys in the fed, your typical big badass rudo. Motosierra kicked Tocapelotas’ ass all over the place as expected for the first ten minutes, and the fight eventually spilled out of the ring. Motosierra whips Tocapelotas into the railing a bit, hits a powerbomb onto the floor, and just continues to whoop. Motosierra then grabs a light tube, but Tocapelotas gets up, initiates a grapple that causes Motosierra to drop the light tube, and Toca ends up hitting a drop toe hold that puts Motosierra’s face straight through the flourescent light. It may well have been the first meaningful move Tocapelotas had hit all match, so one-sided it had been up to that point. With the ref’s count at about 18, Tocapelotas slides back into the ring, where he busts out a happy dance as the ref finishes counting out old Motosierra. It was exactly the kind of odd victory I’ve been hoping this edit would score. Perfecto.


Jesus Christ, my Aliester Black is a badass. He was up against Goldberg 2017, so he was at a 40 pt disadvantage, and Goldberg has Monster skill. 20 minute match that actually saw very few sig/fin moves, but a lot of kicks and subs and graps. Goldberg did manage to kick out of the Owari Death Clutch (Cutter>Dragon Clutch), and that pissed Black off so he kicked out of the Spear/Jackhammer. Then, AB hit the Black Mass pretty much out of fucking no where and KO’d Goldberg for the pin.

EDGE OF MY SEAT. I’d added a ton of custom moves to Black, and played with his stats and stuff, so I wanted to give him a real challenge and he nailed it. Hail Satan, Black Rules.