Longtime player, noob to mods


Quick question, and PLEASE feel free to direct me to a different forum If I’m asking this in the wrong place. I’ve been playing Fire Pro for years, but I’m trying to get the mods up and running for the first time

I’m running version 2.03.30 and when attempting to run PWGR for the first time, I’m getting error messages. When I attempt start the game it crashes. I wind up having to un-patch in order to try again, with the same results.

Am I using a version of PWGR that’s not compatible with v2+? The only version pwgr.exe I saw was the one I downloaded from pwgrevenge.com/

I’m completely open to this being me having done (or not done) something real elementary. Again, my apologies for the noob questions, or if I’m in the wrong forum with this.



What error are you getting


The version of PWGR on the official website is compatible with 2.03.30, my guess is that you’re either using an incorrect version of the mods, or you’re using an incorrect assembly-csharp.original.dll


Thanks for the input. Not sure how I may have messed up that file, but that’s probabaly it. I may just re-install and try this again.