Logic help please


Hey folks.Just after some tips and advice.Im currently getting to grips with logic and all things to do with my edits.I feel im getting where i want to be.Im using to edits and simming matches to see how they go and tweak accordingly.

I need help with my match lengths.At the moment around the 5 minute mark the edits begin pulling out the big moves which in turn leads to the matches going no longer than 10 minutes.I lowered there classes to C and also logic with the big moves are only set for large and mostly critical damage at fairly low percentages for finishers and big signatures.

Im guessing they are causing alot of damge early on but not sure why and how to remedy this.Any adive appreciated



Go through your move set and see what types of moves they do early on in terms of paramaters you may have to turn down offensive paramaters. You may also want to turn up the defensive stats


Thanks will take a ;look


Justin gave what in my opinion is the soundest advice. Want longer matches. Lower offense parameters and raise defensive ones. and of course make sure the big moves are only set in the last column


Ref settings are also very important for match length BUT have nothing to do with how quickly big moves will happen. I have ref settings depending on lengeth of match I want. with balanced edits my “opening match” ref can get me 7-10 minutes and I can generally get a finish after the first or second time a finisher happens. Mid car ref will take things in the 15-20 mark then the slow ass main event ref will almost always make things go over 30


What are your wrestlers’ offense/defense params?


Will screenshot and post them next time i load the game up.Thanks


These are the parameters and skills of the two edits of been testing with


If you’re referring to Rank (and same goes for charisma), it should be pointed out that they have no effect on your edit. They are simply how frequently and how loud the crowd reacts to you. AFAIK


Two things:

  1. Get rid of Shooter style. That is not a wrestling style. Shooter style will no sell rope running. You want your wrestling edits to remain in styles that are conductive to a wrestling match.

  2. Lower MMA offence to 1, maybe 2 tops. You currently have MMA offence at 5. Unless you are making MMA edits thats way, way too high. In general you don’t want wrestling edits doing MMA moves because they do insanely high damage. And if they must do a MMA move you dont want it to have super high params on the damage scaling.

Fix those two issues and your edits should wrestle longer matches.


Thanks will do some tweaking