KM's Parts and Move Releases


It’s been long overdue that I started my own thread. I’ll post gradually more as I go, but I figure I’ll start with my recent releases and go through more as time goes by.

Back Hair

I saw someone wanted some back hair in one of the channels, so I figured it’d be pretty easy to just mirror the parts from the front, so here we are.

Fishnet Shirt

It was always something I wanted for my goth witch OC so I made it myself.
Now has versions for all body sizes.

Hero Logos

DC Heroes plus a couple of customs. Once again, I made them because I wanted them and felt I could share :smiley:

Undertale Set

As a sequel to the SansUndertale I made that Oni hosted (I may reclaim and fiddle with those at some point) this fits with other Undertale characters - it includes the Delta Rune, Gaster and Papyrus. Plus a band tee based on the MTT band.

Long Skirt

Good for entrances, looks pretty jank in a fight. Based on the edited plain kilt I made from Oni’s parts.

Back Star

For the Terry Bogard fans. The Circle on his Garou outfit is just the NJPW C (1) logo but I sized the star to fit specifically.


MS Paint Adventures designs credited to Andrew Hussie. Includes the SBURB Tee, the 8 Kids, the 12 Troll/Zodiac signs and the God Tier designs. Oh, and Dirk’s Shades.

Yagami Moon

The crescent moon design from KoF Iori Yagami’s original attire.



ADDED Homestuck.tex
CHANGED Fishnet Top.tex to include all body types.


ADDED YagamiMoon.tex


The fishnets and the Terry/Iori simbols are REALLY good.

congratulations on the undertale set as well!

Do you have interest in making a actual ninja mask?


Not gonna lie, I kinda use the Mustapha Ali parts JustinP made for Ninja Masks. That facemask doubles super well when paired with some vanilla parts.