Justinidols cos files, mlists and edit uploads NOW with MOVES!


Some stuff going up in the next few days from the WWWF pack

Spiros Arion

70s Vince

Bobo Brazil

Joe Turno

Stan Hansen

Ken Patera (uses Senator Phillips face)




Started a National Wrestling Federation pack.

5 guys posted so far got the top local talent draws none of the big name stars yet.

DC Drake
Eddie Miranda


More NWF guys these have been up for a bit. Almost done with this set have moved away from them for the time being as the guys that need to be done don’t really have full movesets based on the amount of footage that there is.

King Kaluha

Mr. Anthony (also from early ECW)

Tom Brandi (includes WWF post Sal Sincere attires)

“He-Man” Randy Lewis

Started back up on some ECW edits

Mike Awesome (w/ Team Canada, That 70s Guy, FMW Gladiator

Tajiri (2 WWF {the one with the blue has been changed a bit to get rid of the blue in the front as it’s just in the back on the actual attire} and 2 ECW attires)