Justinidols cos files, mlists and edit uploads NOW with MOVES!


Everything will be loaded up into my google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dZmkMpsudAn5Pi0COTL-hXFa1fY3xk4d. Just about everything uses mod parts and/or moves. Modded moves will only be placed in the mlist files and not in the base game. This way if you happen not to have that move its easier to fet rid of. Here’s all my recent stuff.

Credit for custom parts to JustinP, Oni, Avenger, SSDS, KMMouse, Wackydeli, Ace, Carlzilla, Yuki etc. If I missed anyone I apologize and please let me know so I can add your name.

Zodiac and Butcher

Iron Sheik

Nikolia Volkoff

Brutus Beefcake

Tito Santana

Greg Valentine


JYD cos files and edit file posted to google drive

Stagger Lee and Big Daddy Ritter attires adding to JYD


Lots of Bret Harts just the cos files for now on my drive. Will be adding the mlist and edit file in a few days. Pretty sure I got all the WWF attires. Thanks to JP for the awesome Bret specific parts.

from l to r 3 1984 attires, rest of the top row is heel hart foundation attires including all pink WM 3 with tag title entrance gear.
2nd row; 2 from 1990 one with entrance jacket, 1991 w/ entrance jacket, 1992 w/ entrance jacket, WM IX w/ entrance jacket, rumble 94 w/ entrance jacket
3rd row: summer slam 94 w/ entrance jacket, survivor series 95 w/ entrance jacket, survivor series 96 w/ entrance jacket, 2 1997 attires w/ entrance jacket.


Jim the Anvil Neidhart joins his partner. Just cos files in the drive for now

from l to r top row; debut attire, various heel hart foundation attires including WM 2 blue and WM 3 with tag title
2nd row; 2 from 1990 including SS with entrance attire, new foundation, 2 from heel 94 run, Who, and 2 from 97/98 one with entrance jacket.


Couple of suggestions- Bret’s nWo 2000 shirt, Bret’s Hollywood Hogan sidekick look with the Hogan Tribal shirt, Bret dressed like a 12 year old with Cargo shorts, leather jacket, and motorcycle boots, Bret’s short singlet from when the Hart Bros we’re a Survivor Series team. And maybe New Foundation Anvil without the jacket. I know Owen & Koko wore the suspenders, but did Anvil?

JYD looks great too. Love the chain. I also give him Psycho Clown’s dog collar. Maybe Stagger Lee?


New Foundation with out jacket is in google drive. I just didn’t do a pic of it cause you can see the full in ring attire in the pic. It becomes just the pants.

I’ll do those Bret ones. I was looking at doing Stagger Lee but wasn’t sure if there was enough split parts to get the red green alternating split . I did honestly give up fairly quickly so I’ll go back and take a look.


Yeah, Stagger Lee was a fun Loser Leaves Town Gimmick, but it was also some of the ugliest gear ever made.


Also, some of those new Macho Man parts justinp made might work really well for Beefcake.


Here is Stagger Lee as well as 4 Big Daddy Ritter attires from Stampede, 3 of the 4 Bret attires. Couldn’t find a reference pic of that forth one you were talking about.

Next up is the 400 plus pound Stan Fraizer 2 Uncle Elmer attires, red is WM 2 white is what he wore most of the other time, then we have some attires from Memphis Plowboy Fraizer, Playboy Fraizer, Lone Ranger, Kamala 2, Giant Rebel (he worked a gimmick where he would change characters like weekly or something) and the Convict one of his early gimmicks (stripes should be horizontal but not possible)

Jim Neidhart edit and mlist has also been uploaded to google drive.


Everything about those is amazing.


Don Muraco should go up to drive in a day or so used Captain Howdys from the neck up. Major changes to logic and moveset and such. Still doing some testing though.

first 4 are basically worn from the start of his career until 1987, 87-88 w/ entrance tank top, 1992 ECW.


Cool tyedye. I don’t remember him ever having a beard, though.


He would have the beard on amd off through his time. This one that I pulled was from a match against Piper in 86 I think.


Great work! I would appreciate more .cos files of WWE/WWF/WCW wrestlers, especially with great parts by JP.


Thanks for the credit but its KMMouse not KK :smiley: Good costumes!


“Ace” “Cowboy” Bob Orton all his in ring attires that I know of with Wrestlemania 1 manager gear and WM 2 era boxing match gear. With entrance attires.

Will post the edit file in a day or so.


Been trying to get my head around Waza Make. Have a few things done so far nothing two crazy will just be old school style moves no flippy shit but pretty happy with what I’ve done so far


Randy Colley collection. All going up on steam now. Moondog Rex, Nightmare (UWF), Smash, Shadow 1, Detroit Demoltion (SWCW), Deadeye Dick (WCW)



Danny McShain, Antonino Rocca and Captial Wrestling Ref


Haven’t posted much in a while. Made a final revision to George Steele and included 2 attires from his original gimmick of the Student.

Working on a WWWF collection of 1970-1979 right now then will tackle the original WOW series.