January 1980 Taping


Taping for Week # 1

The Hennigs vs The Masked Men - Larry Henning wins with an Elbow Drop Hold
Up and coming rookie Curt Hennig teams with his father, RWA veteran Larry Hennig, against the Masked Men. Curt starts the match off with fiery determination, giving his all for this debut. However, he’s unable to finish off his opponent, prompting Larry Hennig to step into the ring and show his son how to end a match.


El Olympico vs Jay Youngblood - Jay Youngblood wins with a Flying Chop
Lucha veteran El Olympico put his technical knowledge and expertise against the rookie Jay Youngblood. Youngblood seemed to overwhelm his opponent with his athleticism, before El Olympico managed to slow him down in the middle of the match. Finally, Youngblood hit a Flying Chop for the win.


The Simpsons vs The Orient Express - Toru Tanaka wins with a Cobra Clutch
In the first round of the RWA Tag Team Championship Tournament, The Simpsons faced off against the crafty Orient Express. While Shaun and Steve Simpson put on a great display of stamina and athleticism, Mr Fuji and Toru Tanaka managed to wear their young opponents down with a number of dirty fighting tactics. Eventually, The Orient Express gained the victory and will advance to the final round.


Tiger Jeet Singh vs Jerry Lawler- Jerry Lawler wins with a Pile Driver
Tiger Jeet Singh faced off against Jerry Lawler in the first round of the RWA Heavyweight Championship tournament. In a fight that was closer to a brawl than an actual wrestling match, the two contestants battered one another with a series of rough attacks; Tiger Jeet Singh seemed to be in his element, brutalizing his opponent with fouls and illegal holds. However, Jerry Lawler persevered and managed to put his opponent away with a devastating Pile Driver, securing his place in the final round.

Immediately afterwards, Jimmy Valiant stormed the ring and attacked Lawler. As Valiant felt that he had been overlooked for the tournament and resented that Lawler had received the spot, he took out all of his frustration on The King; this resulted in Jerry Lawler being carried out of the ring on a stretcher at the end of the night.


Taping for Week # 2

Jimmy Valiant vs Tommy Morrison - Jimmy Valiant wins with a Back Lariat
Continuing to vent his frustrations from last week, Valiant brutalized his opponent for 10 minutes before ending the match with a Back Lariat and kicking Morrison out of the ring. He then got on the microphone and exclaimed that he’ll crush any opponent to face him, and that he’s the man the RWA needs in its lead position.

Mikel Scicluna vs Keith Hart - Mikel Scicluna wins with a Knee Drop
Veteran Mikel Scicluna faced off against rookie Keith Hart, where Hart’s solid ring work resulted in The Baron resorting to his infamous cheap shots behind the referee’s back. Eventually, the onslaught of foul play became too much for the rookie to handle, and Scicluna ended the match with his Knee Drop finisher.

The Assassins vs The Naturals - Assassin #1 wins with a Jumping Headbutt
Accompanied by JJ Dillon, the Assassins faced The Naturals in the second round of the RWA Tag Team Championship Tournament. Assisted by Dillon’s ringside interference, the Assassins overcame Tony Atlas and Butch Reed to advance to the final round.


Junk Yard Dog vs The Crusher
In the second round of the RWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Junk Yard Dog faced The Crusher. Although The Crusher was the odds on favorite to win, JYD’s explosive power gained him a narrow victory.


Taping for Week # 3

Curt Hennig vs Jay Young Blood - Curt Hennig wins by Flying Body Attack.
Rookies Curt Hennig and Jay Youngblood faced off in the preliminary match. Both showed great ring work and ability for a fast-paced match, before Hennig managed to hit a Flying Body Attack to win. After the match, Larry Hennig entered the ring and held up his son’s hand in victory, proclaiming that he is the future of the Royal Wrestling Alliance.


Mystery Wrestler vs “Killer” Karl Kox - Karl Kox wins with a Jumping Pile Driver
Fans were in for a treat when visiting legend, “Killer” Karl Kox, entered the ring to deliver a beating to a Mystery Wrestler. Karl Kox stretched his opponent out on the match, battered him around the ring, and ended the match convincingly with a Jumping Pile Driver. While not very competitive, fans were happy to see this legend back inside of a Royal Wrestling Alliance ring.


Billy Graham vs Bill Dundee - Billy Graham wins with a Pile Driver
In the battle of the superstars, "Superstar Billy Graham aimed to make a statement when facing his adversary “Superstar” Bill Dundee. After a close contest, Billy Graham fired up and ended his opponent with a Piledriver. After the match, Billy Graham proclaimed that he is the one true superstar of the Royal Wrestling Alliance and that Bill Dundee is not worthy of the title. In an interview after the match, Dundee suggested that the title of “Superstar” be put on the line in next month’s super show.


Tiger Jeet Singh vs Bob Backlund - Backlund wins with a Backslide
After his recent brawl with Jerry Lawler, Tiger Jeet Singh set his sights on Bob Backlund. Similar to that match, Tiger Jeet Singh focused on doing as much damage as possible as opposed to trying to win the match. After suffering an onslaught of rough punches, stomps and even biting attacks, Backlund managed to surprise his opponent with a Backslide for the victory.

Furious, Tiger Jet Singh continued to brutalize Backlund after the bell; even pulling out a fork and stabbing him repeatedly. Thankfully, visiting wrestler Carlos Colon ran out to the ring and managed to chase Singh away, saving Backlund from further punishment.


Taping for Week # 4

The Simpsons vs The Naturals - Naturals win by doctor stoppage
In this third place match for the RWA Tag Team Championship tournament, the high flying Simpsons took on the powerhouse Naturals. As expected, the Simpsons managed to keep the Naturals off-balance with their athleticism, focusing on quick attacks and high risk moves.
Unfortunately, while attempting a dive from the top rope Steve Simpson suffered an injury to his leg, resulting in the referee calling off the match and awarding The Naturals with a win.
The Naturals are now the #1 contenders for the RWA Tag Team Championship titles.


Jimmy Valiant vs The Crusher


The Assassins vs The Orient Express - The Orient Express are the new RWA Tag Team Champions


Junkyard Dog vs Jerry Lawler - Junkyard Dog is the new RWA Heavyweight Champion



Nice. JYD was never my favorite, but in 1980 he’s red hot, and a solid champ.

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