Jamesrah's NEW Moves Showcase!


Samoa Joe

CCS Enzuigiri

Powerbomb Into Boston Crab


Shingo Takagi

Pumping Bomber Lariat



Snapmare Driver

Powerbomb & Lungblower


Will Ospreay

Cheeky Nandos Kick

Robinson Special

Hidden Blade


Andrade/La Sombra

Double Hop Moonsault


Roderick Strong

End of Heartache

Turnbuckle Backbreaker


Scott Dawson/The Revival

Dawson Combo (As far as I know this doesn’t really have a name - just a combo of grounded attacks leading to a standing groggy opponent.)

Requests for new moves

Jeff Cobb

Tour of the Islands

Requests for new moves

Thank you for always sharing good resources.
Powerbomb Into Boston Crab is excellent.
I would be happy if you could release this Boston club of another move.
It is Tenzan’s Favorite move.