Jamesrah's Moves Showcase


Big E’s Spear Through the Ropes. (Updated 6/2 to include rope bouncing animation)


Big E’s Spear is sick!


Easily my most ridiculous move: Tanahashi’s Air Guitar Taunt

Requests for new moves

Dragon Lee’s Apron Hurricanrana


One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while is go back and add some move files to some of my older moves that were entered in the weekly competitions. Some of these had move files shared, but honestly I’m not particularly happy with them. So if you’ve ever been interested in these moves, make sure to grab these new downloads!


Kevin Steen & El Generico’s Package Piledriver & Brainbustaaaaaah!!!


Bryan Danielson’s Curb Stomps & Triangle Choke


Another updated Danielson move - The Danielson Special.

Note: I would definitely re-download this one if you already have it. There were some significant issues in the original that should be cleaned up.


@jamesrah anyway we can set a bad ass Big Van Vader strike combo!!!


He already asked you to provide a video clip. If you’re going to make a request, do some of the work to make the creator’s life easier; you shouldn’t expect him to do the research for you.


are you thinking of this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j93QR0Sy1e4&t=47s (at 29 seconds) or this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y862Wwz_CsU


Dragon Lee’s apron hurricanrana, I think I added it but I can’t find it. What category is the move under?


It’s a corner grapple.


Will Ospreay’s Hidden Blade

Requests for new moves

Hi, James. Can I ask a question? I imported few submission moves from front grapple position. However, when the moves were executed in the match, a referee did not come to check for giving up. I also checked the box in the move importer that stated “submission move” but it didn’t help. Please feel free to suggest me to correctly import submission moves.


Well, first thing’s first, make sure you’re following the directions I have listed here for adding my moves: Jamesrah's Moves Showcase

Pay special attention to Step #10 - pinning and/or submission moves need you to restart the game to work properly. There’s a few other things like this as well, such as moves that go to the outside.


Oh! I missed that one. Thank you very much. Sorry about that.


Not an issue. I just added that #10 step since I realized it needed to be in there. It’s a weird quirk of the game.


Would it be possible for you to do a version of the Danielson Special that’s just the Double Arm Slam minus the Armbar?


Took a break from my Gargano movepack work to knock out a quick one, a grounded version of Shingo’s Pumping Bomber: