Jamesrah's Moves Showcase


I had intended to make this one as an entry for this week’s contest, but View beat me to it. But here’s my take on the Flair Flop:

Although Flair takes the damage, it’s designed to be a part of his moveset as a corner move. Here are the move files:

Per special request, here are the forms from this move:


Wonderful Flair flop. Remember that he usually did it when Hogan or Sting gave him 10 punches (Mounted Knucke arrows at the corner). Good old days.


Thanks! Yeah, I had a lot to choose from in terms of options, that’s for sure.


That’s a beautiful move dude. Perfect Flair Flop.


Love the Flair flop, such a classic :joy:


Move data is now available for the Flair Flop.


Per request from the requests thread: Pete Dunne’s The Better End


That Better End also works perfect for CM Punk’s Punk-Handle Piledriver. Thanks dude.


No problem. I actually don’t remember ever seeing Punk do it, but now that you point that out, I just saw a clip.


Cesaro’s Swiss Death


Yes! Most wanted move!


Hadn’t added one in a while, so here we go: Austin Aries’ Last Chancery


Wow! The greatest move for the greatest man that ever live! Thank you!


Holy shit! No more Cattle Mutilation for A Double.


Ha…yeah. It always bums me out to see some of these awesome created wrestlers in the workshop have to settle for knockoffs of their real moves. Just doing my part to fix it!


In my continuing efforts to build the proper Bryan Danielson moveset - the Danielson Special:


While I’m on the Danielson kick, here’s a Danielson-based wristlock reversal sequence:

This one is not quite ready to share.


Since I’m on the Danielson kick today. I realized I never uploaded this to this thread (without the triangle choke), and since he’s been using it again lately - Bryan Danielson’s Curb Stomps:


Oh man those face stomps are brutal!


Awesome stuff