Jamesrah's Moves Showcase


I think it’s about time I put one of these things together to highlight some of the moves I’ve put together as part of the weekly bytes contests and otherwise.

Before anyone asks…I do intend to share links for the files used in these moves, with one exception - moves that I’ve entered into the weekly contests. That’s because one of the goals of the contest is to put together a collection of all the winning entries, and I’d like to keep that special. Also, I want you to vote for my moves!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. I’m always open to suggestions/requests, though whether or not I will ever get to them will remain to be seen. Clearly, my heart lies in classic early to mid 2000’s ROH, so requests that fall into that general frame will definitely be prioritized.


Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno’s Cyclone Kill


Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno’s KO/Death Blow


Kevin Steen & El Generico’s Package Piledriver/BRAINBUSTAAAAAAHHH

This was the week #1 bytes contest winner, so move data will be in the future movepack


Kings of Wrestling’s KRS-ONE

This was the week #2 contest winner, so it will also be available in the future movepack.


Rougeau Brothers La Bombe de Rougeau

Note: This one was actually a custom request.


Bryan Danielson’s Curb Stomp & MMA Elbows

This was Week #3’s second place finisher, so it will be included in the future movepack.


Nigel McGuinness’s London Dungeon


Roderick Strong’s Turnbuckle Backbreaker

This was the Week #4 winner, so it will be included in the upcoming movepack.


Marty Scurll’s Finger Snap

This one is currently entered in the Week #5 bytes contest


All tremendous


All the moves are amazing. congratulations man.


these are awesome and thanks so much for agreeing to share them! I’ll definitely be sure to come back and download them.


Nigel McGuinness’s Tower of London


Damn that’s amazing!


Per request from the Requests Thread: Drew McIntyre’s Claymore Kick


Your Claymore is wonderful!! It will be greater if the opponent stays down longer enough to get the pinfall.


Damn good stuff!


Per request from the requests thread: Triple German Suplex Whip


Thank you very much! Kurt Angle will be proud of it.