Introduction Thread


Welcome to anyone joining the forum, whether from NAWC or the Mod Suite Testing Ground. I think this is one of things you’re supposed to do for new sites, for new members.

I’m sure a good amount if not most of you are unfamiliar with me… I’m technically a “move team” member on Carl’s discord from my work with WazaMake and just had enough knowledge to help get a forum off the ground (initially for NAWC). I do a good amount of graphic design work (some for the fire pro community, but also professionally) so that’s probably most of the visual & behind the scenes stuff ill be involved with.

:+1: I guess?


Hi everyone. Long time community member AcidDragon here. Big fan of the games. I’m a software programmer and graphic designer at a local company here and have worked in the industry for around 20 years. Thanks for letting me know about this place. Hope to contribute to the community now that work is starting to slow down and I just want to say that I appreciate the creativity, technical knowledge and fun everyone has brought to the Fire Pro community all these years. :slight_smile:


What’s up. Shit got funky, but now we’re here. Can we stop moving already? Thank god there’s no furniture to move, my back already hurts.


Dudes. I’m digging these new forums and looking forward to some slightly more focused conversation here, away from those console-playin’-ass cro-magnons. Can’t say I’m a particularly prominent member of the community, but I’ve been fairly active the last year or so. My goal with FPW from the get-go has been to make my sims look as much like a proper television broadcast as I possibly can, and that would be utterly impossible without the magnificent mods and custom parts some of you guys have made, which is why I’m here now and prepared to get matching “1.02 4 Life” tattoos with all y’all.


Hey, I’m Doodled. Same one as on Discord and the other forum place.

Honestly I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I do enjoy me some mods, and apparently this is the place to keep up-to-date on them, especially since I have no intention of playing without them.

I offer ring announcer services to any e-fed that would like them. Carl uses them, for whatever that’s worth to ya.

Hopefully we can get some cool happenings around here.


You probably know me somehow already.

I like making the game good. I’m happy to have a place where it’s PC centered.


I guess I’ll do it too…
I’m View, been playing Fire Pro since I ran into videos of the SNES games back in the early 2000’s and I’ve been hooked ever since. Currently enjoying the game and the chance to give back to the community through modding, also happy to have an option to continue playing the way I enjoy.


I’m Ace.

I was on the original move team then started making some mods. Hoping to get back into both of those again since I’ve been really slack of late.

Oh, I’m also a moderator for some reason (a rookie mistake I didn’t even last a month in my previous mod position!).


Hello, I’m Marsh. I’ve been around Fire Pro Boards a little over a decade.
Nice to see a new hub for PC mods and the like.


I’m Phil. I’m a retired old Fire Pro warhorse and in March, I’ll go back to doing baseball rosters.


Wazzap. This will be the fourth fire pro board I lurk on. The way it’s going makes me happy I saved a bunch of .max PS2 saves.


Hey all, pretty glad to have a place dedicated to talking about everything mod-related in one place. Thanks for continuing on with your work in an open, accepting capacity


Hello everyone, my name is Orochi Geese.

Time was on the internet, to introduce yourself you’d have to dress up as a chicken and offer yourself for “plucking.” I don’t know why traditions change but I’m not a sociologist. I just know when I miss the past.

Credit to everyone here who has set up this board and are maintaining it. Creating a new message board isn’t easy but I support the mission of this board. And I think the style/interface of it is pretty cool.

I actually never had the chance to play around with mods myself. But I have really enjoyed seeing what people have come up with and have enjoyed the fruits of their labors by watching entertaining sims with mods. Although I myself have updated to 2.0 and downloaded the DLC, I am not ruling out trying mods in the future.

One of the reasons I love this community is seeing everyone’s creativity and watching people customize FPW to their own liking. And this is a place where that goal is shared. So even if I’m just watching (fully-clothed) while you guys do it, I applaud your efforts.


Hi. I enjoy long walks on the beach, lurking on message boards, and making goofy crap on wrestling games. I’ve been playing Fire Pro games since I got a ROM of SFPWXP in 2000 (or 99?), but I never really was all up in the community until a few months ago. I have a pet tortoise, and I suck at bowling. I dunno.


hey guys this is the Jess man and I am typing this by talking into my phone. I’ve been playing fire Pro since fire pro wrestling 2 for the Gameboy Advance, have been a little bit of beef Ed stuff, and I am here to hopefully continue using the modded version of the game, at my age the stuff gets a little complicated but if I can retain my camera angles in my ability to fix matches without too much of a hassle I will be hanging around


My name is Lou and I live in the greater Nashville area, thus the NashvilleLou user name. I own/operate a website company and work as a freelance sports broadcaster/producer.

I’ve played the Fire Pro series going back to Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium on a modified Super Nintendo in the summer on 1996.

I’ve simmed a large volume of matches on FPWW that I’ve recorded and uploaded to YouTube. But I found simming without mods on 2.0 to be a disappointing experience, to the point where I bit the bullet and rolled back to 1.0.2.


I’m s1zzle. Was a big fan of Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium for SNES back in the 90’s, but missed out on all the versions of fire pro that required a modded console. Was an avid fan of all the “Fire Pro Animation” boards that popped up in the late 90s and early 2000s. I picked up again with Fire Pro Returns. Was never a contributor, but I have always loved using Fire Pro Wrestling as basically a virtual version of playing with wrestling action figures so I have frequently used many of the custom real life edits that some of you make (TheAvenger, DJKM, Crippler, to name a few).

Happy to see an active community is still alive with this game, even though it’s split into like 3 sub-communities now.


Long time listener, first time caller. I’m Oni / Old School Oni / Charlie, recovering attorney, really old guy who remembers the first time Vince ruined wrestling by killing competition (no, not buying WCW; before that). I never really did the forums thing but have played since Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium for SNES in 1996. My original claim to fame was “Old School” a pen a paper way to play FPR where you conquered semi-realistic territory rosters in the 80’s 90’s and 00’s. It was controversial because it was pre-DJKM and made everyone want compilation packs which were banned at the time.

More recently I did Prison Fight Club which lasted like two weeks because I have the attention span of a gnat. But most people know me for my custom parts which I don’t really make any more due to time constraints and a sincere desire to move on to moves, then mods, once I get IRL to settle down (work demands and an ongoing situation where I need a surgery but Big Insurance Company stands in the way). But if your Vader, Kamala, or Scurll edit wears a mask to ringside, that was me.