I'm back! How's it going?


Hey everyone. I’ve been away from Fire Pro for quite a while. Looking to get back into the game, mostly because the voices in my head that make up the AMBITION roster have been asking me to book them again lol. I’m mostly just saying hello to everyone, but also kinda checking in. What’s new in the world of Fire Pro, what’s new in the mod world? Any suggestions on what I should get into or download now that I’ve been gone for almost a year? How is Fire promoter? Is it an alternative to MoTW or is it just trash? I’m sure there have been a ton of moves created in Wazamake. Anything I should know about installing new moves etc?


Welcome back! Mods continue to move along, with MOTW getting significant improvements in particular; I would suggest joining Carl’s Mod Discord server for details. Fire Promoter turned out to be trash, even with mods created for it the experience isn’t great.

At this point, we’re basically drowning in high quality moves created with Wazamake so you should be able to find anything you need. We’ve had a number of specific wrestler packs (AJ Styles, Kenta Kobashi, Johnny Gargano) created, as well as some community collaborations and a number of good moves from community members.

There are threads dedicated to some of the new mod features as well, such as Custom Sounds and Custom Audience members. As for Fire Pro itself, Spike managed to join up with Stardom for a small character DLC to be released this week so that should be pretty neat.


Has the Gargano pack been released?

…and hi Level :slight_smile:


Yeah, @jamesrah released it on Twitter.


Moves seem crazy good, no idea how I missed the pack. Thanks!


I booted up my game and my save file must be corrupted. The game freezes at the character select screen. I tried my backups and they didn’t work either. Is there still a mass delete tool? I’m cool with just deleting everyone and starting over. Or deleting everyone and importing my edits from my backups if that’s possible.


Try asking for help on the Mod Pack Discord Server.

This sounds like an issue that a few other players experienced.