I f'd up and somehow made my game unplayable. Please help


I’ve got my 1.02 running as a separate file now, mostly just to attempt to grab the 2.0 moves. It’s been working all day, but I accidently moved the FPW.exe file, and then I THOUGHT I put it back. Now, everytime I try and run the game, I get a message that says

Data Folder Not Found
There should be 'FireProWrestlingW_Data’
folder next to the executable

And I can’t start the game anymore. WTF did I do, and HTF do I fix it? I thought it might be as simple as it sounds, and I just need to move the exe file next to the W_Data folder, but that’s apparently impossible. I dunno. Any help?


where is the exe now? i don’t know how to fix this. If it were me i would just uninstall and reinstall. But hopefully someone knows of a simple fix.


I uninstalled. Now, I’m having a bitch of a time re-installing.


Hopefully you can get things running again. I’m making a double back-up before I do anything from here on out.


Probably a good idea. I uninstalled and reinstalled but I’m taking a couple days off before I mess with anything. Luckily, I keep backups of savedata, custom moves, and custom edit parts. Unluckily, I forgot to do the same with rings.