How Do I Roll Back


Hello… hope I’m putting this in the right section of the forum. I want to roll back my version of fire pro wresting world so I can use mods. I wanted to know how do I do it and how do I keep the updated version on one hard drive and the rolled back version on my other hard drive (I think I can mange the last part, but if there is something extra, which I doubt, tell me)


The rollback guide can be found here:


Thanks… I will look into that


gonna block out some time tomorrow to work on it


Hi there, I succesfully downloaded and copied the old version of FirePro, but when i try to open it a message pops up saying “you may be using an outdated version of the application” and nothing can be done but closing the window. There’s clearly somethint missing, but I am pretty sure I did everything the guide says.


I tried the Steam rollback and it told me I didn’t own the previous version. I’m still having trouble getting a new copy of the game to work, too. I’d rather do the full rollback, since it seems like you’d be able to continue to use the workshop (?). If anyone finds the correct console command for the rollback, please hook a brother up.


I guess the command should be the same for everybody: download_depot 564230 564231 3330686146386094800


Thanks. Someone on steam board gave it to me too. About to give it a shot. And since it looks like even with the rollback, you still can’t use the workshop, I’m just going to put steam into permanent offline mode. Since FP is the only pc game I play, anyway.


Ooook, I finally found my problem. I updated the game, and that updates the save file too. So, I downgraded the game to 1.02, but my save file was 2.0, creating the error. Luky me I had a -not very outdated- copy of my 1.02 save and now it works fine.


Okay here’s a question:

So I plan on keeping 2.0 right now on my Steam account but I was wondering if I could set up a new Steam account, buy an additional copy of Fire Pro, and not have to roll back. Would someone purchasing Fire Pro now have to immediately roll back? Is 2.0 the new default upon purchasing? If I was able to use 1.2 and mods on another account - the next issue is that I assume I wouldn’t be able to use the save from my OG steam account. I’m not sure about that though or if the mod suite would allow me to use my edits somehow.

  1. You don’t need to buy another copy, you could login to another machine/potentially another user account with the same Steam account and download a 1.02 build (through Steam) in order to play. As long as they’re not referencing the same game installation folder, you should be able to run multiple copies; whichever version you decide to use for 1.02 would need to be used with offline mode, to avoid Steam automatically updating it to the latest version.
  2. Since your default save is already updated for 2.0, you would need to create a new save in order to play with 1.02. However, you would still be able to export your edits (using a mod) from the 2.0 version assuming that they don’t have any 2.0 update or DLC parts/moves/voices assigned to them. Then you could import them for use in your 1.02 game.


Thanks very much for the information! :grinning:

I’m still a little unclear on a few things though.

  1. Are you referring to a different PC user account (to log-in to my computer) or a different Steam user account? So I could log-in to the same Steam user account from two different PC user accounts to have one 2.0 FPW game and one 1.02 game? Wow. That doesn’t sound that hard, really. But how would I go about making a different installation folder? Just copy and paste to an entirely different folder?

Would I use the Roll-Back guide to download 1.02 from Steam on the second user account?

  1. I have an FPW save from the last time I played right before the 2.0 update took effect so would I be able to use that one from the start for a new 1.02 version (on a second user account)? Or would the best solution be to use Carl’s base save then export my edits from my last 1.02 save to the new save?


No, Steam is in a universal directory, so you would not be able to have 2.0 and 1.02 installed at the same time without some fudging. The easiest way to get both is to make a copy of the game in a new directory and then remove Steam from the copy. This floats in some legal/ethical gray area, but it is the most effective option (and the option I’m using).

Because I’m not using any of the other options, I can’t speak on their efficacy or difficulty to maintain, but if you plan to have two copies of the game, and not remove Steam from one of the copies, you will have to juggle steam’s online status when switching between them…and that just sounds like a whole buncha pain in the ass.


Regarding the offline mode thing, I edited the appmanifest file and set it to

“AutoUpdateBehavior” “1”


“ScheduledAutoUpdate” “1”

I also edited the “InstalledDepots” and “MountedDepots” parts so the manifest number is the one of the latest version of the game.

This works, I am online but game doesn’t get updated. I guess I still can’t access workshop, haven’t tried, but at least you don’t have to bother about the online/offline thing.


Thanks very helpful! Going to try and get this going today. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing 2.0 or anything. I’m not, but after playing with some of these mods I just can’t go back.


Hey, somebody on reddit point me that the game automatically safes a backup of your save file. It’s "users/[here_your_user]/AppData/LocalLow/spikechunsoft/FireProWrestlingWorld/savedata_somenumbershere.bak"
You just need to copy it outside of said folder, rename it as “savedata.dat” (it will warn you about changing the extension, it’s ok), and overwrite the file inside the folder.

Now, when you start the game you’ll see a message saying that your local data doesn’t match data in your cloud. Click on the “upload to cloud” and keep enjoying the game.


Thank you Spanish. I came here because I ran in to the same problem. This as helped :slight_smile:


Happy to know, Pyro :smile:


OK. This whole process has been kicking my ass. I redownloading the depot using the command Spanish put up. After that, I have a pre-2.0 save saved to my desktop. From there… what do? I totally don’t understand what everyone means with the copy this save to this locale and delete this.

Can a kind soul write up a quick “Absolute Dumbfuck’s Guide to Rolling Back” for me and presumably some other absolute dumbfucks?


Ok, when you say you have a pre-2.0 save on your desktop, you mean you had it stored as a backup somewhere and now you don’t know what to do with it?