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I’ve begun working on comprehensive documentation for Carlzilla’s ModPack. The most common feature I see questions about is the Cam AI section of the Free Cam mod. I’ve decided to go ahead and post the section of the guide on Free Cam/Cam AI. It may not be 100% finalized, but it’s good enough to get people to how understand how to use the mod and get their own CamAI’s going. And if not, it’s good beta testing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Important point I initially forgot to mention: Free Cam and Cam AI will not work in Battle Royales.

  1. Most of the buttons: Move the camera per the description of the button. The (1) and (5) on each button indicate the incrementation of the movement. Reset Movement resets the camera to the default position.

  2. Clear Screen Buffer: If unchecked, there will be a tracer effect if the camera is pointed somewhere the game isn’t expecting. If checked, it removes the tracer effect, but slightly changes the way the edits are shaded. How much you will notice this change varies from person to person.

  3. Use Free Cam: Enables or disables the Free Cam Mod

  4. Mouse Camera Movement: If checked, you can control the camera with the mouse. Hold left click and move the mouse to change the angle the camera is pointing, hold right click and move the mouse to change the location of the camera, hold the middle button and move the camera up and down to zoom in/out.

  5. Presets: Opening this window will freeze the game.

  6. Apply: Applies the selected camera preset from the list.

  7. The first 10 presets can be selected in-game with the 1-0 keys on the keyboard.

  8. Preset Name: The name of the selected preset.

  9. Screen Buffer Clear: If checked, the screen buffer will be cleared when this preset is active.

  10. Cam AI: A dropdown where you can select the active Cam AI.

  11. Use this Cam AI: Activates the selected Cam AI

  12. Import Preset: Opens a window to import a downloaded preset.

  13. Presets can be downloaded here:

  14. Export Preset: Exports Selected Preset to /FireProWrestlingWorld/ModPackData/Exports

  15. Save Current: Saves the current camera position as a preset. It will be given a default name, but can be renamed with the Preset Name box.

  16. Delete Selected: Deletes the selected preset.

  17. Cam AI Editor:

  18. Cam AI Name: The name of the currently active Cam AI.

  19. Default Cam: The default camera angle for the Cam AI. Recommended to make this Default.

  20. Save Cam AI: Saves the settings for the active Cam AI.

  21. Time Between Cam Switches: Seconds between cuts to different camera angles.

  22. Load Cam AI: To load a Cam AI for editing, select the Cam AI from the drop down, then click "Load Cam AI."

  23. Export Cam AI: Saves the current Cam AI and all associated presets to a zip file that can be shared.

  24. Import Cam AI: Opens a dialogue to select a zip file containing a CamAI and presets.

  25. How to set up a Cam AI:

  26. There are several sections to this window labeled things like "General Cam", "Top Rope Cam" and so on. These describe different situations during a match.

  27. There are 2 pages of these, which can be switched between using the Page 1 and Page 2 buttons.

  28. The list in each sections contains the camera angles the Cam AI will use for each situation.

  29. To add a preset to a section, select the preset from the "Cam Preset" box near the top-center of the window, then click the "Add" button next to the section you want to add the preset to.

  30. The Cam AI will randomly switch between each angle in a section. You can make some angles more common than others by adding them multiple times. For example, If under General Cams, you have the Default angle listed once, and a Slightly Zoomed Preset liste 3 times, the General Camera angle will be Slightly Zoomed 75% of the time, and Default 25%.

  31. The Remove button removes the selected preset from a section.

  32. The Enabled check box will enable, or disable a section. For example, if you don’t want the camera to do anything special during Strike Exchanges, uncheck “Enabled?” next to “Strike Exchange Cams.”