Hong Kong 97 Grand Prix


This is a league based upon the infamous Super Famicom bootleg game, Hong Kong 97. I have condensed the rules into one paragraph for easier reading.

1: The total edits will be 16, separated into 2 blocks, with each editor getting up to 2 edits to enter. As is usual, OCs, fictional edits, and RL edits are all welcome. This is a themed tourney around Hong Kong 97 and as such, edits are expected to fit at least one of these gimmicks listed here. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ONLY ONE OF EACH EDIT TYPE WILL BE ACCEPTED. (An edit with a heavy emphasis on red, a communist edit, an edit based off British politicians, a (fucking) ugly edit, an edit based on cars, an edit based on poker chips, an edit based on syringes, an edit with at least some Chinese nationality, an edit based on bootleg games, an (un)dead edit, an edit based on white balls, a “floppy” edit, a disembodied head). Use common sense when submitting an edit.

Edits (and handlers) listed below:

1: Sie Wan Xing (RomanticMisery)


Per RomanticMisery, Sie Wan Xing is in.