Help Making an ECW Commentary pack


Gonna ask for help on a project here - though I know it’s a huge ask.

I started on a project but have run into some stuff in my personal life that has really slowed down work on it.

I’ve exported and renamed all the Joey Styles Commentary move calls from ECW Anarchy Rulz on PS1. My aim is to bring them over to FPWW using the Sound mod (I can describe this process to anyone willing to help).

Files are here:

Ideally, I need to rename the moves above (named by Acclaim for the PS1 game) - to the equivalent FPWW Move names.

If anyone wants to help me, I’ll set up a working folder and we can work through the files. As we can’t yet use multiple calls per move, I am mostly using the default/baseline excitement level for these calls where multiples exist.

Some of the WAVs will be used for multiple moves, and some FPWW moves will not be in the WAV list, so 2nd phase will be making these by cutting bits and pieces together

So, if anyone is ambitious and knows the game/move names well (I do not, which is why it’s taking so long for me to do) - Hit me up!!