Guide to Texture Swapping in UABE

*WARNING: This guide is not a mod, and has nothing to do with the Modpack or any other current mods. While in theory it shouldn’t break anything related to any of the mods, this is entirely a “use at your own risk” process. Do not report errors to Carl unless you enjoy getting ridiculed in public.

Ok, before getting started you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Download Unity Asset Bundle Extracter from here:

  2. Go here: image
    And make a copy of your resource.asset file. Put that backup somewhere safe

2nd WARNING: We’re going to walk through replacing in game textures. I’ll walk through some safe guards to undo what you did, but this is a permanent replacement so while you can’t fully fuck up your game you can sure make it look bad. One more time- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Do not run this process with the game open. Make sure the game is closed before you start poking at the resource.asset file. Not sure if it messes things up or not, but its better to be safe.

One last call out. Any time Spike updates the game, these changes will get overridden. So be aware you’ll need to reload your textures after every Spike update.

Ok so first step is to open up your UABE and go to File -> Open and locate your resource.asset file. You should get a box like this:

At this point you’ll need to locate which texture you want to change. Lets use the main menu background as an example. that file name is BG_wall.

To locate the file you can scroll through the list (its really long so this could take a while), or go to View->Search by Name. From there you should see a query box that you can enter the name of the file you’re looking for:

once you hit “OK” you’ll get a return on the right side. You will need to ensure that the file is a texture file:

If it isn’t, you will need to go to View->Contiunue Search. This will take you to the next file with that name (you shouldnt need to do this more than once or twice). Once you have found the texture file, select Plugin and then Export to .png

From here you can save the default texture and open it up to edit it however your heart desires. I highly recommend keeping a copy of the default texture somewhere, so if you royally screw up you can always load back up the default, no harm no foul.

Ok you’ve made your snazzy new texture and want to load it up. You’ll hit the Plugins button again, and now hit Edit.

Now hit Load and select your new texture wherever you saved it, and hit OK. It may ask you how you want to save the file, just hit OK to whatever is there.

If you have multiple textures you’re looking to replace, you can repeat this process for each file. When you’re done, you are all done, hit OK

Its going to ask you where you want to save the file. I recommend saving to the desktop. The file will be a resource file (it might be a shared.resource file- thats ok). Take that file and stick it in the FireProWrestlingW_Data folder and when it asks you to override the existing file, say yes.

You should be able to load up the game and see your new texture.


How do you take out the chains and the fire?

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I haven’t gotten there yet, but my understanding is that you have to find those two files and replace them with transparent images.

SpriteAtlasTexture_Chain_2D_1024x2048_fmt29 is the file for the chains. I haven’t found the fire yet.

I think it’s just “fire”, believe it or not. Haven’t tried swapping it yet, just saw it as I was scrolling. Thanks for the chains file name!

i believe the fire on the main menu is flame_half with FireDust creating the little sparks.

Does anyone know the file name for the black “splash” in the lower right corner of the main menu? Haven’t found that one yet and it’s annoying me. EDITED: menu_topbottom_bar2

Also looking for any info about changing the FP swirl in the top left of the same menu - it’s seizure inducing at times…