GLWA Results, May 1980


May, Week 1, Detroit

Quick Results

Wayne Farris defeats Jimmy Jack Funk with a small package, 16:40, 84%
#1 Contenders Match: Moretti & Ho defeat The Zambuie Express, Ho over Akeem with a German Suplex, 22:57, 78%
Winner added to GLWA Title Match: Pedro Morales pinned Stan Stasiak with a crossbody, 15:50, 92%

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Wayne Farris
Funk is trying to get the crowd behind him, but they’re indifferent early. Farris hits a few low blows, and the crowd seems to be cheering him. Funk kicks out of a few close pinfalls, including attempts after two piledrivers. Farris brings a chair into the ring, clearly frustrated. Funk knocks the chair away and hits a powerslam onto the chair! Farris kicks out! Funk whips Farris to the corner, but Farris fights him off. Small package by Farris - 1-2-3! Farris wins by pinfall at 16:40.
Rating: 84%

#1 Tag Team Contenders Match: Zambuie Express vs Moondog Moretti & Dean Ho
This match is set to decide the #1 contenders for the Great Lakes Tag Team Championships won last week by The Fabulous Freebirds. Moretti & Ho lost in the tournament finals. Ho and Muhammad start off, and Ho holds his own against the frequently tagging Zambuie Express. Akeem brings in a chair and hits Ho with it twice. Ho has been beaten down, and the Zambuie Express hit two double lariats. Muhammad goes for the pin, but Ho kicks out! Moretti with the hot tag, seeing action for the first time 15 minutes into this match. He bites Muhammad and busts him open! Ho back in for some double team work on Muhammad. Muhammad struggles to break free, but is able to tag in Akeem. Ho ducks behind and hits a bridging German Suplex. Muhammad charges back into the ring, but Moretti cuts him off and bites him again! Akeem can’t kick out! Moretti & Ho have earned their rematch after picking up the win at 22:57.
Rating: 78%

Winner added to GLWA Title Match: Pedro Morales vs Stan Stasiak
Both men felt cheated during last week’s #1 Contenders match when Bret Hart won via disqualification. The winner of this match will be added to the title fight in three weeks alongside Hart and champion Ric Flair. The fight picked up quickly with both men trading blows in the center of the ring. Morales is working the legs when he can ground the larger Stasiak. Running crossbody by Morales nearly ended the match at 7:30. Stasiak locks in a bear hug! Morales reaches the ropes and hits a series of punches. Backbreaker by Morales for 2.9! Stasiak hasn’t landed his heart punch yet, but he has been targeting Morales with punches. Morales trips up Stasiak and heads up top - diving splash connects! 1-2-KICKOUT! Stasiak finally hits the heart punch, but Morales is out at 2! Morales locks in a Boston Crab, but Stasiak breaks free. Morales sends Stasiak to the ropes, then runs the other way. They collide in the center as Morales hits a crossbody! 1-2-3! Morales wins at 15:50.
Rating: 92%

May, Week 2, Chicago

Quick Results

Tiger Jeet Singh defeats a debuting Tony DiMaggio with a piledriver, 13:16, 72%
Mad Dog Vachon pins Steve Wright after a piledriver, 11:13, 72%
Pedro Morales defeats Bret Hart with a backbreaker, 17:27, 69%

Tony DiMaggio vs Tiger Jeet Singh
DiMaggio is making his GLWA debut. He dances away from Singh early. Singh drops outside and comes back with a Singapore cane! Every time Singh rolls into the ring, DiMaggio rolls out. Singh swings and misses, then is sent outside by DiMaggio. He grabs another cane and heads back in. DiMaggio tosses Singh to the ropes and connects with a shoulder tackle. Singh gathers himself outside, and he has a third cane. He swings and misses again, but bites DiMaggio to bust him open. DiMaggio is back on his feet, and Singh stabs him with a fork! DiMaggio is bleeding all over the ring. Singh locks in a choke, but he releases at 4. DiMaggio is winded, but keeps fighting. He sends Singh to the outside with a suplex! Back inside, DiMaggio’s lariat misses. Singh drops him with a piledriver for a 3 count at 13:16. The crowd showers boos on Singh as he exits and cheers the effort put on by the debuting DiMaggio.
Rating: 72%

Mad Dog Vachon vs Steve Wright
Major heat on Vachon from the Chicago crowd. Wright is looking to bounce back after losing to Ric Flair in two consecutive title matches. Vachon lost his chance to get his hands on the title by getting disqualified in his #1 Contenders match two weeks ago. Wright is controlling the flow early, working over Vachon with submission attacks. Vachon turns the tide with a bite, and Wright is busted open. He locks in a choke - the referee begins counting. Vachon releases the hold at 4, then plays to the crowd. The crowd continues to boo Vachon. Vachon picks up Wright and sends him right back down with a piledriver. He picks up the win at 11:13.
Rating: 72%

Bret Hart vs Pedro Morales
Both of these men will be in a triple threat title match with Ric Flair in two weeks. Jimmy Hart is at ringside to assist Bret Hart. Morales plays the aggressor early on, and he’s alternating strikes and suplexes on the young Hart. Hart drops outside and comes back with a chair. Jimmy Hart distracts the referee! Bret swings, but Morales stays back to avoid the chair. He picks up Hart and suplexes him to the outside. Morales follows Hart to the floor. Hart is up quickly and whipes Morales into the steel guardrail! Back in the ring, Hart goes up top for a diving kneedrop. He picks up Morales and pins him with a backslide. Morales kicks out at 2. Morales tosses Hart to the ropes and goes for a diving crossbody. Hart ducks and the two men collide. Morales is up first, and he goes to the top turnbuckle for a diving splash! Hart kicks out at the last second. Hart counters with a rollup, but Morales kicks out! Morales slides behind Hart and hits a backbreaker! 1-2-3! Morales wins at 17:27, gathering momentum before the title match.
Rating: 69%

May, Week 3, Milwaukee

Quick Results

Newcomer Mariusz Kowalski defeats Darren Webb with a running chop, 14:14, 70%
#1 Contenders Tag Match, Moretti & Ho defeat Singh and Vachon, Moretti over Vachon with a leg drop, 20:28, 70%
Michael Hayes over Pedro Morales with a DDT, 13:10, 63%

Mad Dog Vachon and Tiget Jeet Singh are ringside, and they’re challenging Dean Ho & Moondog Moretti for the #1 Contendership and the right to face the Fabulous Freebirds next week for the Great Lakes Tag Team Titles. Moretti accepts the challenge for his team! He charges the ring, but his held back by Ho. They’ll meet later tonight.

Mariusz Kowalski vs Darren Webb
Milwaukee local Webb is taking on newcomer Mariusz “The Polish Bear” Kowalski. Kowalski lands blow after blow on the much smaller Webb right after the bell rings. Webb is struggling to ground Kowalski. Webb finally gets Kowalski down with a schoolboy attempt, but Kowalski kicks out before the ref reaches a one count. Headbutt by Kowalski! Webb is slow to get up. Kowalski picks up Webb into a bear hug! Webb is able to grab onto the ropes. Kowalski hits a huge shoulder tackle off the ropes for a 2 count. Another bear hug! Webb just gets his hand on the ropes. Kowalski bounces off the ropes again, and this time hits a running two-handed chop. He pins Webb for the victory at 14:14.
Rating: 70%

#1 Tag Team Contenders Match: Tiger Jeet Singh and Mad Dog Vachon vs Moretti & Ho
The winners of this match meet The Fabulous Freebirds next week in Cleveland for the Tag Team Titles. Singh and Vachon attack before the bell even rings. The teams are separated, and Moretti demands the bell ring. He charges at Vachon, who sidesteps. Vachon bites Moretti in the forehead and we have blood early. Vachon chokes Moretti and Ho rushes in for the assist. Singh hops in the ring, too, and he takes out Ho with a fireball! ho rolls to the outside. Singh stabs Moretti with a fork! Vachon hits the piledriver! 1-2-KICKOUT! Moretti bites Vachon, who tags out after seeing his own blood. Moretti goes to work on Singh. Ho tags back in and they work over Singh together. Singh struggles to get to his corner, but he tags in a bloody Vachon. Ho lands a series of punches and tags Moretti back in. Moretti bounces off the ropes and hits a huge leg drop. 1-2-3! Moretti & Ho win at 20:28.
Rating: 70%

Michael Hayes (with Flair and Freebirds) vs Pedro Morales
Morales takes on Freebirds member Michael Hayes with the rest of the Freebirds and Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair at ringside. Morales goes for a bearhug a few times in the early going, while Hayes tries to keep some distance with a jab. The Freebirds stay silent as Morales gets in another bearhug, but Hayes powers out. Hayes kicks out at 2 after a Morales backbreaker. He kicks out again after a diving splash. Hayes throws Morales outside. Hayes plants Morales onto the floor with a bulldog. Back in the ring, Morales hits another backbreaker for 2. Hayes tosses Morales into the corner, and he drops outside to grab a weapon! Hayes misses as the ref is distracted. Hayes ducks out and grabs a chair! He drops to his knees as Roberts stopes distracting the ref. Morales is holding the chair! Hayes pleads to have Morales disqualified, but the ref lets the match continue. The ref disposes of the chair, and Hayes hits a low blow! Hayes picks up Morales for a DDT and scores the pinfall at 13:10.
Rating: 63%

May, Week 4, Cleveland

Quick Results

Mariusz Kowalski defeats Mad Dog Vachon with a series of hooks, 18:38, 78%
Great Lakes Tag Team Title Match: The Fabulous Freebirds defeat Moretti & Ho, Gordy over Moretti with the Oritental Spikem 16:16, 68%
Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Match: Bret Hart defeats Ric Flair and Pedro Morales, Hart rolls up Morales, 19:10, 94%

Mariusz Kowalski vs Mad Dog Vachon
Cleveland is behind “The Polish Bear” Kowalski. Vachon fell short last week alongside Tiger Jeet Singh in trying to get a tag team title shot. Kowalski hits a few forearm strikes in succession. Vachon takes him down with a double arm suplex and starts choking Kowalski on the mat. He signals to the crowd that the match is over and picks Kowalski up. Kowalski isn’t done yet and locks in a bear hug! Vachon breaks free and bites Kowalski. The Polish Bear is bleeding. Vachon locks in a cobra clutch, but Kowalski uses his massive arms to escape. Kowalski lands a stiff right hook, and Vachon is busted open, too! Moose Monroe appears at ringside! He attacks Kowalski. He tosses Kowalski outside. Vachon hits Kowalski with a chair on the outside with Monroe holding him back. Monroe leaves to boos from the Cleveland crowd. Back in the ring, Vachon goes for the cobra clutch, but Kowalski slips behind. He locks in a full nelson! Vachon bites Kowalski’s arm to escape! Kowalski starts laying into Vachon with multiple hooks! He pins Vachon - 1-2-3! Kowalski continues his early winning ways with a victory over a bloody Mad Dog Vachon at 18:38.
Rating: 78%

Great Lakes Tag Team Title Match: The Fabulous Freebirds vs Moretti & Ho
Roberts is at ringside with Hayes and Gordy. Ho controls the pace and Gordy is getting beaten down by both Moretti and Ho in their corner. Gordy gets a tag to Hayes after a few minutes, and Hayes works over Ho while Moretti is stuck watching from the apron. Ho tosses Hayes to his team’s corner, but gets knocked off the top rope when he tried to take Hayes down with a superplex. Moretti breaks up a pin, and Gordy gets involved. Running lariats to both Moretti and Ho. A third lariat on Ho misses and Moretti is tagged in. Runnign leg drop by Moretti! Gordy kicks out at 2. Moretti throws Gordy outside, and Gordy fights Ho on the Floor while Hayes plants Moretti with a DDT. Gordy whips Ho into the guardrail and reenters the ring. Oriental Spike! Moretti is out. The Freebirds retain at 16:16.
Rating: 68%

Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Match: Ric Flair vs Bret Hart vs Pedro Morales
Flair is alone at ringside, and isn’t happy about defending against two men. Morales and Hart team up to send Flair outside twice early, but the Nature Boy rolls back into the ring quickly each time to prevent anything from happening to his title without his involvement. Flair lands chops on both opponents. Flair sends Morales to the outside and rolls up Hart. Hart kicks out at 2. Morales locks Flair in a bear hug, and Hart breaks the hold. Hart puts Morales in a bow-and-arrow lock, but Flair stomps on Hart to break Morales free. Hart bounces off the ropes. Flair ducks under a clothesline but Morales is taken down. Flair rolls up Hart again for 2. Jawbreaker by Hart on Morales for a near fall, but Flair breaks the pin. Hart is sent outside. Flair takes down Morales with a Russian leg sweep. He’s unable to lock in the Figure-Four. Flair sends Hart to the outside with a suplex. He locks the Figure-Four Leglock in on Morales! Hart gets back into the ring to make the save! Hart takes Morales down with a piledriver. Flair grabs Hart fron behind, but Hart slips around him. Flair is sent crashing to the mat with a backdrop. Morales is up quickly but Hart doesn’t see him! Morales is going for the backbreaker, but Hart rolls him up! 1-2-3! **Bret Hart wins the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title at 19:10! **
Rating: 94%

Ric Flair gets up to his feet to see Hart celebrating his title win. He hits Hart with a chop block! Flair teases locking in the Figure-Four, but walks away with Hart clutching his legs.

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