GLWA Results - February 1980


February - 1st Week

Quick Results

Steve Wright defeated Darren Webb with a Tombstone Piledriver at 15:45. Rating: 65%
Jimmy Jack Funk defeated Dutch Savage with a bulldog at 13:35. Rating: 88%
Stan Stasiak defeated Moose Monroe in a non-title match with a bearhug at 16:08. Rating: 79%

Steve Wright (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Darren Webb
Darren Webb is claiming to be the Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion, and is making his GLWA debut. Steve Wright has been on a winning streak as of late and is coming off a big win over Bret Hart last week in Cleveland. Jimmy Hart is out with Wright. Wright showed off his submission skills against Webb and was often toying with his outmatched competitor. Webb had several hope sports and held on for a long time, but eventually fell to a tombstone piledriver at 15:45.
Rating: 65%

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Dutch Savage
Both men are making their GLWA debuts. Funk took charge early, overpowering Savage. Savage is said to be towards the end of his career, and has been slowing down considerably. Funk decked Savage with a chair in the center of the ring, but Savage kept going. Funk followed up with multiple strikes and slams. An avalanche press almost ended the match at 6:20, but Savage kicked out at the last moment. A second attempt at the same move was kicked out of by Savage just after 8:00. Savage started mounting a comeback and got a 2 count after a piledriver. Funk regained control and won with a bulldog at 13:35.
Rating: 88%

Moose Monroe vs Stan Stasiak
This non-title match is Stasiak’s first appearance since winning the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title against Ric Flair. Monroe defeated Johnny Rodz in an excellent match a few weeks ago and is a good match for Stasiak’s size and strength. Both men land strikes and slams early, but Stasiak seems to have an advantage when the action moves to the ground. A huge headbutt by Stasiak gets a 2-count. Stasiak starts playing it up for the crowd, and is busted open by Monroe when he could have taken advantage. Stasiak is fired up and locks in a bearhug. Monroe kicks out after a heart punch at 12:15. On the outside, Monroe hits two chair shots. This match is turning into quite a war. Monroe starts choking Stasiak and holds on until a count of 4. Stasiak gets in another bearhug and Monroe gives up at 16:08.
Rating: 79%

February - 2nd Week

Quick Results

The Zambuie Express defeated Thunder and Lightning, Elijah Akeem pinned Red Thunder after a suplex onto a chair at 29:07. Rating: 72%
Bret Hart defeated Johnny Rodz with a piledriver at 11:57. Rating: 67%
Ric Flair rolled up Jerry Jarrett for the win at 21:56. Rating: 95%

Thunder & Lightning vs The Zambuie Express
The Zambuie Express (Kareem Muhammad & Elijah Akeem) have won their first two tag matches in GLWA, and they look to make quick work out of Thunder & Lightning as we kick things off in Detroit. The Zambuie Express showcase their power, but their masked opponents prove to be resilient. A vicious Samoan drop sends Blue Lightning all the way outside, and somehow, he’s able to kick out after a military press back in the ring. Muhammad pulls out a fork and stabs Lightning repeatedly, and there’s blood coming out from under the blue mask. A chair shot misses, but after a slam, Muhammad is going for the running splash. Lighting is up and gets the hot tag! Red Thunder is in, but his momentum is slowed quickly. Muhammad has the fork again, and now Thunder is bleeding as well. He hits the same Samoan drop to the outside on Thunder. Akeem is in, and Thunder takes him out with a piledriver, just missing a chair. Thunder hits mote piledrivers, with one landing on top of a chair. Akeem is up and he’s mad, choking Thunder until a four count. Thunder is worn down, and a suplex that lands on a chair finishes him off at 29:07.
Rating: 72%

Johnny Rodz vs Bret Hart
Bret Hart tries to get back into the win column after falling to Steve Wright in Cleveland. Johnny Rodz lost his debut match against Moose Monroe last month in Indianapolis. The match is competitive early with neither man taking control. Rodz is working the legs. Hart locks in a bow and arrow hold, but Rodz escapes. Boston crab by Hart in the center of the ring, but Rodz is out again. Another Boston crab continues to punish Rodz. Rodz kicks out of two pin attempts, both at the last second, and Hart is showing now signs of letting up. A piledriver finally keeps Rodz down for a 3 count, and Hart wins at 11:57.
Rating: 67%

Ric Flair vs Jerry Jarrett
Ric Flair is looking to take out his frustrations for not winning the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title on his debuting opponent, Jerry Jarrett. Flair is sent outside early and he’s back in with a chair. Jarrett dodges the chair and continues to counter Flair well. Both men are looking to lock in submissions, but can’t hold on to any move for long. Jarrett is still getting the better of Flair midway through the match, and Flair has resorted to to eye pokes and low blows whenever possible. On the outside, Flair slams Jarrett’s knee into the ground. Jarrett is able to lock in a sleeper hold inside the ring, but Flair is out. A fisherman’s suplex by Jarrett almost puts Flair away, but Flair kicks out at 2.9. Both men are digging deep. Flair takes out the knees and locks in the Figure Four! Jarrett escapes! A backslide by Jarrett! 1-2-and Flair kicks out. Flair rolls up Jarrett! Jarrett kicks out! Back in the corner, Flair counters with another quick roll up! 1-2-3! Flair wins an excellent match at 21:56.
Rating: 95%

Post match, Flair calls out Stan Stasiak, demanding a title shot in two weeks in Chicago.

February - 3rd Week

Quick Results

Art Thomas pinned Lars Anderson after a backdrop at 16:31. Rating: 80%
SD Jones defeated Dirk Sanders with a neckbreaker at 22:02. Rating 88%
The Fabulous Freebirds defeated Stan Stasiak, Dean Ho, and Moondog Moretti. Roberts pinned Stasiak after a piledriver at 19:17. Ric Flair interfered against Stasiak, Ho, and Moretti. Rating: 69%

Art Thomas vs Lars Anderson
Lars Anderson is making his GLWA debut against Art Thomas, and our broadcast is emanating from Indianapolis. Thomas has been slugging it out in his recent matches, but has fallen short each time. In his last singles match, he lost to Ric Flair in the first round of the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Tournament. Back-and-forth match early on. Thomas nearly picks up the fall after a backdrop. Anderson lands a sledgehammer off the top rope. Thomas hits an avalanche press for another near fall, but Anderson is out and connects with another move off the top-rope, a knee drop to a downed Thomas. Thomas wins with a backdrop at 16:31.
Rating: 80%

Dirk Sanders vs SD Jones
Indiana’s own Dirk Sanders faces off against SD Jones. The physically imposing Sanders lost to Bret Hart the last time GLWA came to Indianapolis. SD Jones lost his first match after controlling the flow for most of the match, only to be rolled up while taunting. Early on, Jones is all business, dominating his larger opponent. Sanders hits a few clubbing blows, but Jones remains mostly in control of the match. Sanders is fired up, hitting lariats for the home fans, who are giving him a lukewarm response. Sanders hits a neckbreaker, but does not cover. Jones hangs on and connects on a series of moves, wearing down Sanders. He hits a neckbreaker of his own for a 2 count. Sanders is winded, but is difficult to put away. Jones taunts after a body slam, but Sanders isn’t Steve Wright and isn’t up quickly to roll him up. Jones misses a corner lariat and Sanders takes advantage. Jones taunts, hits a few strikes, and lands another neckbreaker for the win at 22:02.
Rating: 88%

Stan Stasiak, Moondog Moretti, & Dean Ho vs The Fabulous Freebirds
Hayes and Ho start the match out. Moretti & Ho are looking for revenge after losing to the Freebirds in a 6-Man tag in Cleveland a few weeks ago. They have Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion Stan Stasiak on their side this time. Stasiak has not yet responded to Ric Flair’s challenge for next week. Stasiak is in early, and he’s the victim of some double teaming outside the ring. Stasiak makes his way back into the ring and tags Ho back in. Good teamwork by both sides early, and multiple tags are made with a revolving door of Freebirds getting into the action. The Freebirds have not yet lost a tag match of any kind and are rumored to be in the mix for a tournament to crown inaugural tag champions. Moretti busts open Gordy with a bite. Ric Flair is out, jumping in to help the Freebirds! He attacks Moondog Moretti, then stares down Stasiak before leaving the ring. Stasiak goes back to the work. The match keeps devolving into a six-man scuffle. Roberts hits the champ with a piledriver and picks up the win at 19:17!
Rating: 69%

Stasiak is still down at the end of the match.

February - 4th Week

Quick Results

Steve Wright defeated Bret Hart with a roll up at 14:37. Rating: 63%
The Fabulous Freebirds defeated The Zambuie Express, Gordy over Akeem with an Oriental Spike at 24:12. Rating: 76%
Ric Flair defeated Stan Stasiak for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title. Michael Hayes interfered on behalf of Flair. Flair won with a piledriver at 13:43. Rating: 70%.

Steve Wright (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Bret Hart
Bret Hart requested this rematch after Wright defeated him last month in Cleveland. Jimmy Hart is once again out with Wright. Wright is still undefeated in GLWA competition, and having Jimmy Hart ringside likely doesn’t hurt his chances for another victory. The young Bret Hart is showing great technical ability and quickness early, although Wright is effectively able to work over Hart’s arms with multiple submissions and double arm suplexes. Wright locks in a stretch muffler as Jimmy Hart watches. Bret Hart is tossed right over Jimmy Hart, who just stares as Bret lays on the ground. Back in the ring, Wright continues to control the flow of the match. Bret Hart is firing up, and the Chicago crown is behind him. He locks in a bow and arrow hold in front of Jimmy Hart, then gets a 2-count off a rollup. The action continues right in front of Jimmy Hart, and Wright rolls up Hart off the top for a near fall. Both men keep going for pin attempts in front of Wright’s manager, and Jimmy Hart stays mostly emotionless as each man kicks out. Steve Wright moves the match to the center of the ring, and a roll up ends it at 14:37. Steve Wright continues to get the best of Bret Hart.
Rating: 63%

The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Zambuie Express
Both teams are undefeated thus far in tag competition, and with the rumored tag titles on the way, both teams have looked like solid contenders so far. Hayes and Gordy represent the Freebirds with Roberts also at rignside. The Zambuie Express work over Gordy in their corner early on. Bam Bam’s power is too much for Muhammad, and he tags in Akeem. Gordy continues to dominate until Akeem chokes him to the ground. Hayes is in for Gordy and the Freebirds continue to roll. Hayes hits a diving kneedrop. Double team attempt by The Zambuie Express fails and Hayes is taking out both opponents. Muhammad cuts him off and gets to work, but Hayes is able to tag in Gordy before too long. Good teamwork by The Zambuie Express is followed up by some power moves by Muhammad. The sandwich lariat connects on Hayes. Muhammad breaks out the fork and stabs Gordy. Gordy is bleeding profusely, and he’s unable to tag in Hayes. Akeem is in to continue the beatdown. Gordy is back to his feat and hits a headbutt after a few strikes. They’re trading blows back and forth in the ring, and Gordy lands a dropkick. Akeem plants Gordy with a piledriver. Hayes breaks up the pin, and Muhammad is in to stab him with a fork as well. Both Freebirds in the match are bleeding. The Zambuie Express slide chairs into the ring. Akeem hits a body slam and the diving splash onto a chair! Roberts distracts the referee and Hayes breaks the pin! All four men are fighting in the ring while Roberts tries to make his way in unsuccessfully. The chaos clears and Gordy has The Oriental Spike locked in! Muhammad is in to break the hold, and Hayes joins the fight once more. Gordy knocks down Akeem, but he’s hit with a piledriver immediately after by Muhammad. Hayes wants in the match but is still looking in from the apron. Gordy drags Akeem to the Freebirds corner. Akeem fights back, but Gordy slips behind and locks in another Oriental Spike! Akeem is out! The Freebirds pick up the win at 24:12.
Rating: 76%

Stan Stasiak vs Ric Flair
Ric Flair is out first, but Stan Stasiak has not yet responded to his challenge. Stasiak makes his way to the ring! He hands the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title to the referee and the title match is on. Stasiak beat Flair last month in Cleveland in the finals of the Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship tournament. Stasiak starts out by taking the fight to Flair early. Stasiak is the aggressor, landing blow after blow on Flair inside and outside the ring. Flair may have woken something up in Stasiak last week when he interfered in Stasiak’s match. Stasiak locks in a bear hug. Michael Hayes is here! Hayes is showing the effects of the last match. Flair and Hayes attack Stasiak with chairs! They double team Stasiak in the ring! Stasiak is trying to fight off both men, but is taking a lot of damage. Hayes exits as Flair hits a piledriver! 1-2-NO! Stasiak kicks out at 2.9! Flair is on his own, but continues to to land attack after attack. He hits a shin breaker and locks in the Figure Four Leglock! Stasiak powers out! A low blow by Flair! Stasiak gets up and is still giving it his all. On the outside, Stasiak gets his own chair, but can’t use it. Flair slows him with a sleeper hold. Back in the ring, Flair hits a drop toe hold onto a chair! He climbs up top and drives Stasiak down onto the chair with a flying elbowdrop! Flair is up to his feet first, but Stasiak hits a few body punches. Flair brushes them off and picks up Stasiak for a brutal piledriver! Stasiak’s head came down onto the edge of a chair! Flair covers for 3 and we have a new champion! Stasiak held on for 13:43 despite the outside interference by Hayes.
Rating: 70%
New Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair

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