GLWA Results, April 1980


April, Week 1, Chicago

Quick Results

Jimmy Jack Funk and SD Jones defeat Lars Anderson and Johnny Rodz at 18:49, 75%. Funk injured Rodz with a powerslam.
Pedro Morales defeated Willie Wells with a Boston Crab at 15:33, 71%.
Steve Wright won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal at 36:24, 92%. Wright eliminated Bret Hart last.

Lars Anderson and Johnny Rodz vs Jimmy Jack Funk and SD Jones
Both teams are teaming up together for the first time, with each duo looking to become the final team to reach the Great Lakes Tag Team Championship Tournament semifinals. The winners will meet Moretti & Ho in two weeks in Cleveland. The action spilled to the outside often. Funk introduced a chair to the mix while the referee was downed, but Jones refused to use it. Funk won with a powerslam on Johnny Rodz at 18:49 via referee stoppage. Rodz landed awkwardly, and needed medical attention after the match.
Rating: 75%

Willie Wells vs Pedro Morales
Pedro Morales is making his GLWA debut tonight. Morales hit two diving headbutts in a row early on, and is outclassing the overmatched Wells. Two more headbutts connected during the match for four total. Morales locks in a Boston Crab at 13:10, Wells broke free by getting to the ropes. Morales locked another Crab in right in the middle of the ring, and Wells tapped out at 15:33.
Rating: 71%

12-Man Over-The-Top Battle Royal to crown a #1 Contender for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title
Dirk Sanders and Red Thunder start things off. Blue Lightning enters next, and he tries to eliminate his partner! Darren Webb is in at #4. Buddy Roberts enters at #5. Tiger Jeet Singh makes his GLWA debut at #6. Sanders tosses Thunder. Moose Monroe joins the fight at #7. Wayne Farris is #8, making his first appearance in the Great Lakes region. Farris tosses Blue Lightning right away. Former champion Stan Stasiak is entrant #9. Mnroe and Sanders work together, but can’t take out Stasiak. Bret Hart enters at #10. Hart throws out Buddy Roberts! Monroe and Sanders can’t seem to toss each other out. Stasiak throws out Webb. Steve Wright. Steve Wright is in at #11 without Jimmy Hart. The last man in is Mad Dog Vachon. Vachon eliminates Monroe. Stasiak tosses out Sanders, and Hart eliminated Tiger Jeet Singh. Farris takes out Stasiak! Stasiak won’t get another shot at the title, at least not just yet. Vachon, Hart, Farris, and Wright remain. Vachon busts Wright open. Vachon eliminates Farris. Wright tries to toss Hart, but Hart stays strong against the ropes. They’ve had a solid rivalry as of late, with Wright coming up ahead most of the time. Wright tosses Hart again, and thinks he’s eliminated him, but Hart hung on once more. Wright turns his attention to Vachon, and while they show a sign of respect, Hart tosses Vachon! Wright sees Hart, and tosses him to the outside, but Hart went through the middle ropes. He’s still in the match. Vachon hasn’t left ringside, and he pushes Hart back into the ring. Wright tosses him easily for the win!
Rating: 92%

April, Week 2, Milwaukee

Quick Results

Stan Stasiak defeated Wayne Farris with a tombstone piledriver at 14:17, 81%.
The Fabulous Freebirds defeated Jarrett and Thomas, Gordy over Thomas with the Oriental Spike at 23:05, 75%.
Steve Wright retained his #1 Contendership over Mad Dog Vachon and Bret Hart, pinning Vachom at 18:16, 94%.

Wayne Farris vs Stan Stasiak
This is a grudge match requested by Stasiak after Farris eliminated him in the battle royal last week. Farris takes a break to the outside early and grabs a chair. Stasiak follows him and stops him from using the weapon, Farris continues to keep his distance from the powerful former champion. Stasiak dominated much of the match, and seemed to have the match won with a Heart Punch at 12:15, but Farris kicked out. Farris survived a bear hug as well, but fell to a tombstone piledriver at 14:17.
Rating: 81%

Johnny Rodz was injured last week during the Great Lakes Tag Team Championship Tournament. He’s out for 6-8 weeks with a broken collarbone.

Art Thomas and Jerry Jarrett vs The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes and Gordy, with Roberts)
Art Thomas takes control of Hayes early on in this first semifinal matchup. Gordy changes that once he’s tagged in, and the Freebirds take control. Roberts tosses in a chair when the referee was distracted. Hayes hit Jarrett with a DDT onto the chair, but neither man was legal. Thomas locks Gordy in a bear hug, but Hayes breaks the hold fast. Gordy locks in the Oriental Spike, and Thomas is out! The Freebirds advance at 23:05.
Rating: 75%

Mad Dog Vachon vs Steve Wright vs Bret Hart
Wright hit Vachon with a piledriver at 10:30 with Hart out of the ring! Vachon kicks out. Hart takes out Wright and locks in a Boston Crab! Wright reenters the ring to break the hold. Vachon looks gassed, and Wright and Hart begin trading submissions. Tombstone Piledriver by Wright on Vachon! Hart breaks the pin, and Vachon immediately takes him out with a pilerdriver. Wright pops up and rolls up Vachon into a backslide for the win at 18:16!
Rating: 94%

Wright remains the #1 contender for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title, and he’ll meet Ric Flair in two weeks in Indianapolis.

April, Week 3, Cleveland

Quick Results

Moretti & Ho defeated Jimmy Jack Funk and SD Jones, Ho over Jones with a diving chop at 18:04, 78%.
Bret Hart pinned Mad Dog Vachon at 9:23 with a distraction by Jimmy Hart, 63%.
Ric Flair and the Fabulous Freebirds defeated Steve Wright in a handicap match, Flair submitted Wright with a sleeper hold at 11:12, 64%.

Moretti & Ho vs Jimmy Jack Funk and SD Jones
The teamwork of Moretti and Ho shows against the inexperienced team of Funk and Jones. Moretti & Ho work in multiple tag team attacks. Funk counters with an equalizer in the form of a steel chair! He takes out Moretti! Jones with a neckbreaker on Ho! Ho kicks out!. Ho locks in a sleeper, but Jones hangs in there. Moretti enters the ring for a double lariat. Ho tosses Jones outside and hits a Russian legsweep! Funk runs over with another chair and clocks Ho from behind! The referee is counting Ho out, but he’s back in at 17. Ho tosses Jones back to his corner, and up top, he hits a diving chop! Ho pins Jones for the win at 18:04.
Rating: 78%

Mad Dog Vachon vs Bret Hart
Hart and Vachon meet after both falling short in the past two weeks in getting a Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship match against Ric Flair. Hart feels Vachon caused him to lose the battle royal and that he would have beaten Wright in a 1-on-1 fight last week in Milwaukee. Hart shows an aggressive side early in the match, and his working over the legs frequently. Vachon is in trouble early, but Hart doesn’t seem like he’s ready to put him away. Piledriver by Hart at 7:50, but Vachon kicks out! Vachon chokes Hart and hangs on until a 4-count. Hart with another piledriver, but Vachon kicks out again! Jimmy Hart is here! Bret Hart turns to look at him, and Vachon charges at Hart from behind. Jimmy Hart signals to Bret to duck! Vachon misses and runs into the ropes. Bret Hart rolls him up for the win at 9:23!
Rating: 63%

Ric Flair & The Fabulous Freebirds vs Steve Wright, Tiger Jeet Singh, Wayne Farris, and Lars Anderson
Wright makes his way out to the ring first in this 8-man tag match. Flair and the Freebirds are back stage, and they’re talking to Wright’s partners before they head to the ring. Flair seems to be making each of them an offer, and Wright’s partners all head to the back. It looks like we’re going to have a 4-on-1 handicap match. Roberts starts off in the ring for the Freebirds against Wright, and while Wright has the upper hand initially, all of that changes after Roberts tagged in Flair. Flair and the Freebirds each took turns working the worn down Wright, with damage being done by all members of the 4-man team. After a DDT by Hayes, Flair tags himself in. He’s setting up for the Figure Four Leglock, but Wright is back up! He rolls up Flair! 1-2-kickout. Flair has had enough, and puts Wright in a sleeper hold. Wright passes out at 11:12.
Rating: 64%

April, Week 4, Indianapolis

Quick Results

Bret Hart won a #1 Contenders 4-way via DQ after Mad Dog Vachon wouldn’t release a choke at 21:35. Pedro Morales and Stan Stasiak were the other two participants. 100%.
The Fabulous Freebirds defeated Moretti & Ho, Gordy over Ho at 18:12 to crown GLWA Tag Team Champions, 65%.
Ric Flair defeated Steve Wright with a small package at 18:57 to retain the GLWA Heavyweight Title, 75%.

Pedro Morales vs Stan Stasiak vs Mad Dog Vachon vs Bret Hart
This is a #1 Contender’s match to determine the next challenger for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship. Champion Ric Flair defends against Steve Wright later tonight. Each man has been making their case to be the next challenger, and we’ll have a definitive contender with a winner here. Morales locks Stasiak in a Boston Crab at 7:30, but Vachon kicks Morales in the face to let Stasiak escape. Morales begins working submission holds on Hart. Stasiak knocks down Hart with a Tombstone Piledriver. 1-2-Jimmy Hart is out again, and he’s dsitracting the ref. Bret Hart escapes, but Stasiak may have had the match won without the interference. Morales and Vachon are fighting on the outside. Hart lands a German Suplex on Stasiak for a near fall. All four men are back in the ring, with no one taking a clear advantage. While Hart had Morales up for a piledriver, he was flattened by a Stasiak lariat. Vachon tosses Hart outside. Hart takes out Vachon with a chair. Inside the ring, Stasiak hits a Heart Punch on Morales! Morales kicks out at 2.9! Vachon and Hart reenter as Stasiak and Morales are recovering. He bites Hart and breaks him open. Up top, diving knee drop! Hart kicks out at 2. Vachon hits Hart with a chair, then begins choking him! The referee counts, but Vachon ignores him. He’s disqualified! Hart is the winner, and Stasiak and Morales are visibly upset on the outside.
Rating: 100%

The Fabulous Freebirds vs Moretti & Ho
This is the finals of the Great Lakes Tag Team Tournament. Buddy Roberts and Ric Flair are at ringside to assist Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy. Gordy pushes Ho to the Freebirds’ corner almost right away, and the double team attack starts early. Ho escapes and whips Gordy across the ring, and Moretti tags in and Gordy gets double-teamed. Gordy powers on, and locks in a single-leg crab on Moretti. Steve Wright joins us at ringside, and he’s staring at Flair from across the ring. The presence of Roberts may be keeping Wright on the other side of the ring. Ho hits Hayes with a backdrop, and Hayes kicks out of a pin at 2. Gordy back in, and he lands two vicious lariats on Ho. Ho tries to make it to Moretti, but a third lariat connects. Moretti breaks up the pin. DDT by Gordy, and Moretti needs to break up the pin again. Ho with a full nelson, and Hayes takes out Ho. Gordy with the Oriental Spike! Moretti saves the match again! Gordy clotheslines Moretti and Hayes hits Ho with a DDT! Another Oriental Spike finishes Ho at 18:12, and The Fabulous Freebirds are our inaugural Great Lakes Tag Team Champions. Hayes and Roberts take out Moretti and Ho after the match.
Rating: 65%

Ric Flair vs Steve Wright
Wright lost to Flair last month in Detroit with Jimmy Hart in his corner, but without his former manager, he’s at a disadvantage with all three Freebirds at ringside to help Flair. Wright may still be feeling the effects of last week’s handicap match as well. Flair grounds Wright early and often, working the legs to soften up his opponent for his Figure Four Leglock. Wright takes down Flair with a drop toe hold and stretches the champion out with a bow-and-arrow lock. Flair lands a series of chops in the corner, then a running knee drop. Wright kicks out at 2. Wright trips up Flair and goes for the stretch muffler, but Flair counters. A shin breaker leads to the Figure Four at 9:50! Wright reaches the ropes. A chop block by Flair immeidaitely leads to another Figure Four! Wright escapes! Flair locks in a sleeper, the move he beat Wright with last week, but Wright gets to the ropes. Wright is still hanging on! Piledriver by Flair! 1-2-KICKOUT! Wright is up and locks in a standing armbar. Hayes is on the apront to distract the ref. Flair breaks out easy, but Wright slips out of his grasp and ends up behind him. Low blow by Flair! He suplexes Wright to the outside. Gordy with a lariat on the floor! Hayes sends Wright back in. Flair with more chops. Wright counters the shin breaker and bounces off the ropes for a running front dropkick. He roll sup Flair, who kicks out quickly at 1. Suplex by Wright, and Flair is out again at 1. Flair trips Wright at shouts “Wooo!” Wright surprises him with a school boy! Flair kicks out at 2. Flair gets in a third Figure Four, and Wright is in the ropes again! A fourth, but Wright powers out! Flair begs off, and Wright pauses. Small package by Flair! 1-2-3! The champion retains at 18:57.
Rating: 75%


Flair vs. Hart could be real good…but Stasiak and Morales have to feel completely ripped off. It’s nice to see Stan Stasiak getting a push in GLWF, he seems to be underrated in this day and age.


I’m also hyped for Hart/Flair- two of my all time favorite workers (and two guys NCW was heavily targeting during the draft). Curious who challenges the Freebirds, they seem set up for a long title reign.


I know, he even went undrafted. He was the first champion, but can’t pick up any big wins lately.

He and Morales will be looking to get into that title match next month.


I’ve got a serious depth problem in the tag division, could be a loooong reign.

Some homegrown talent may be coming in to challenge them in the next few months.

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