GLWA, March 1980 Results


March, Week 1

There will be a tournament to crown new tag team champions starting next week.

Quick Results
Jimmy Jack Funk defeats Tim Horner with a powerslam, 10:05, 75%
Jerry Jarrett defeats Buddy Roberts, Art Thomas interfered, 15:39, 66%
Steve Wright rolls up Stan Stasiak, 19:38, 73%

As the broadcast opens in Cleveland, Jimmy Hart has claimed that his client, Steve Wright, should be the #1 contender for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title. Wright has won all four of his matches on GLWA TV. Stan Stasiak is out and he wants his rematch with Flair, this time without interference. Wright will meet Stasiak in the main event to determine the #1 contender.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Tim Horner
Tim Horner is making his GLWA debut. Jimmy Jack Funk looked impressive in a win over Dutch Savage last month in Milwaukee. Horner is much quicker in the ring and is working Funk’s legs early on. A half crab by Horner is slowing Funk down even more. The crowd is getting behind Horner early. Funk destroys him with an avalanche press for a near fall! Horner rolls Funk over and bridges for another near fall. A huge powerslam by Funk! 1-2-3! Funk wins at 10:05.
Rating: 75%

Jerry Jarrett vs Buddy Roberts (with Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy)
Jarrett meets Buddy Roberts in singles competition, but the rest of The Freebirds are at ringside. Jarrett faced now-champion Ric Flair a few weeks ago in Detroit and battled The Nature Boy for over 20 minutes before falling in an excellent match. Jarrett is in control early, using reversals to his advantage. Hayes and Gordy are looking on, but have not gotten involved. Multiple near falls by Jarrett, but Roberts keeps kicking out. Roberts sends Jarrett to the outside, and both Hayes and Gordy have chairs. Hayes swings and misses, but Gordy doesn’t. Jarrett rolls back into the ring, and the damage may have been done. Art Thomas is here! He takes the boots to Roberts, allowing Jarrett to recover. Stepover armbreaker by Jarrett and Roberts taps out at 15:39 before Gordy and Hayes can get involved!
Rating: 66%

Thomas and Jarrett will team up next week in the quarterfinals of the Great Lakes Tag Team Title Tournament - they’ll meet The Zambuie Express.

Stan Stasiak vs Steve Wright (with Jimmy Hart)
This match was set up at the start of the broadcast to determine the number one contender for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship. The winner will take on Ric Flair in three weeks in Detroit. Stasiak controls the flow of the match early, and Wright is unable to counter as he has been able to in weeks past. Five minutes in, Stasiak lands a Heart Punch! Wright kicks out! Wright is working Stasiak’s legs when he’s able to get in offense, but the big man continues to dominate the match. Tombstone piledriver by Stasiak! That move has ended several matches for Stasiak in GLWA. Stasiak goes for the pin, but Hart is up on the apron to distract the referee! The count starts as Hart drops back down to the floor, and Wright kicks out at 2. Wright with a rollup! Stasiak is out at 2.9! Wright locks in a stretch muffler, but Stasiak powers out. Heart Punch! Hart again distracts the referee, and Wright escapes another pinfall. Takedown by Wright, but Stasiak is up again. Another Heart Punch! 1-2-kickout at 2.9! Wright is back on his feet. They lock up in the center of the ring - Wright rolls up Stasiak for a 3 count! Hart approves on the outside. Wright is the winner at 19:38, and he’ll move on to face Flair for the title. Stasiak is not pleased.
Rating: 73%

March, Week 2

Quick Results
Moose Monroe defeats SD Jones with an avalanche press, 12:35, 69%
Jerry Jarrett and Art Thomas defeat The Zambuie Express, Jarrett over Muhammad with a stepover armbreaker, 30:35, 85%
Ric Flair submits Dirk Sanders with the Figure-Four Leglock, 22:42, 68%

Tonight in Indianapolis, we have the first quarterfinal matchup in the tag team tournament, and Ric Flair is in action.

Moose Monroe vs SD Jones
Monroe is looking to get back into the win column after losing last month to Stan Stasiak. Jones is also 1-1 since joining GLWA, and has had two strong matches. Monroe hits Jones with a few strikes early, but Jones bounces back quickly and is getting the crowd behind him early. Jones gets tossed outside a few times, but Monroe stays waiting inside the ring. Monroe’s more serious approach is a stark contrast to that of Jones, who has been taunting freqeuently when Monroe is grounded. Monroe keeps getting back to his feet. Neckbreaker by Jones, but Monroe kicks out. Monroe keeps pounding away with strikes and scoop slams. Avalanche press by Monroe! He pins Jones at 12:35 for the win.
Rating: 69%

Jerry Jarrett & Art Thomas vs The Zambuie Express
This is the first quarterfinal match in the tournament to crown inaugural Great Lakes Tag Team Champions. Jarrett and Thomas are teaming up for the first time after Thomas ran in to assist Jarrett last week in Cleveland against the Fabulous Freebirds. The Zambuie Express were dealt their first loss in GLWA a few weeks ago in Chicago against those same Freebirds. Thomas and Jarrett work complementary styles early, with Jarrett using his speed and technical abilities to work on Kareem Muhammad before tagging in Thomas to work the power game. Thomas is tossed outside, and The Zambuie Express both drop down. They both grab chairs and start swinging, but Thomas is back in the ring before any damage can be done. Elijah Akeem pulls out a fork and is stabbing Thomas! He’s busted open. Sandwich lariat by The Zambuie Express and Thomas is beaten down. Thomas counters a suplex and makes the tag to Jarrett. Akeem tags in Muhammad. Jarrett takes down Muhammad several times, and locks in a stepover armbreaker! Muhammad taps out at 30:35! Thomas and Jarrett will advance to the semifinals.
Rating: 85%

Ric Flair vs Dirk Sanders
Flair is accompanied by The Fabulous Freebirds to take on Indiana’s own Dirk Sanders. Flair and the Freebirds have formed an alliance over the past several weeks. Flair toys with the hometown wrestler Sanders, picking him apart but neglecting to put away the big man. Sanders never mounted a serious threat, and the Freebirds didn’t get involved. Flair mercifully won with the Figure Four at 22:42.
Rating: 68%

March, Week 3

Quick Results
Bret Hart pins Dutch Savage after a piledriver, 16:44, 92%
Moretti & Ho over Thunder and Lightning, Ho submits Thunder, 36:46, 89%
Steve Wright pins Stan Stasiak with a backslide, 19:35, 95%

We kick off things in Milwaukee with a match right away - the competitors are already in the ring. The main event is a rematch between Stan Stasiak and Steve Wright to determine a true #1 contender, with Jimmy Hart banned from getting involved.

Bret Hart vs Dutch Savage
Veteran Dutch Savage is making his second appearance for GLWA, and he’s taking on the youngster Bret Hart. Hart lost a tough one against Steve Wright a few weeks ago - Wright meets Stan Stasiak tonight without his manager Jimmy Hart at ringside. Hart takes a beating early, and is sent to the outside. Savage and Hart brawl outside the ring, and speaking of Jimmy Hart, he’s on his way to the ring. Hart watches as Savage gets near fall after near fall in the ring.
Hart flips the match in his favor with a flurry of strikes and a running crossbody. Piledriver gets two. Hart locks in a Boston Crab! Savage is out!. Savage knocks Hart down and goes up top. The flying kneedrop misses, and Hart puts down Savage with another piledriver. 1-2-3! Hart won with a piledriver at 16:44.
Rating: 92%

Thunder and Lightning vs Moretti & Ho
This is the second quarterfinal in the Great Lakes Tag Team Title Tournament. Red Thunder and Blue Lightning have different styles despite their similar masked look, and Red Thunder dominates early with the power game. Moretti is in trouble early, but he’s easily able to kick out of a few pins before tagging in Dean Ho. Ho sends Blue Lightning to the outside. Moretti bites him on the outside, busting Lightning open! Back in the ring, and Moretti is back in. Ho lifts Lightning up onto his shoulders, and Moretti takes him down with a double axe handle. 1-2-KICKOUT. Lightning is still in the match. He gets to his partner Thunder. Moretti tags in Ho. Thunder with a rollup for 2. Ho trips up Thunder, then picks him back up. He locks in a full nelson, and Thunder taps out quickly. Ho & Moretti advance with a submission win at 36:46.
Rating: 89%

Stan Stasiak vs Steve Wright (Jimmy Hart is banned from ringside)
Stasiak is ready for the fight, and he’s looking to get his rematch with Flair for the title he lost three weeks ago. Wright is still undefeated in GLWA with 5 wins since GLWA opened. Stasiak lands punch after punch early, and he looks like he’s expecting to make quick work of Wright early on. Wright is resilient, kicking out at 2 on several pinfall attempts. Wright is working Stasiak’s legs whenever he has a chance to get offense in. Stasiak hits the Heart Punch at about 15 minutes into the match, but Wright kicks out! A second Heart Punch a minute later, and Wright is out at 2.9! Stasiak is behind Wright, who counters by rolling behind the former champ. A backslide gets a 3 count! Wright is still the #1 contender by winning with a backslide at 19:35.
Rating: 95%

March, Week 4

Our last broadcast for March is emanating from Detroit, and we have another tag title tournament quarterfinal matchup as well as a Great Lakes Heavyweight Title matchup between the red-hot Steve Wright and Ric Flair.

Quick Results

Bret Hart defeats Jimmy Jack Funk with a piledriver, 16:53, 89%
The Fabulous Freebirds beat Webb and Wells, Hayes over Webb with a DDT, 10:16, 59%
Ric Flair submits Steve Wright with the Figure-Four Leglock, 22:26, 75%

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Bret Hart
Our first match features Jimmy Jack Funk against Bret Hart. Funk has won his last two matches. Both men trade suplexes halfway through the match, with several near falls. Hart hits his piledriver on Funk, who kicks out at 2. Hart has won several matches lately with the piledriver, but it doesn’t finish off Funk here. A second piledriver doesn’t get the job done either. Funk climbs up top and hits a double axe handle for two. Funk bounces off the ropes, but his clothesline misses. Hart takes down Funk and locks in a Boston Crab. Funk taps at 16:53.
Rating: 89%

The Fabulous Freebirds vs Willie Wells and Darren Webb
This third quarterfinal matchup pits the undefeated Fabulous Freebirds against the winless Wells and Webb, who are teaming together for the first time as well. Buddy Roberts is at ringside, but he doesn’t need to get involved. The Freebirds toy with their overmatched competitors, with Hayes playing to the crowd often. Hayes and Gordy both land chair strikes on Wells on the outside. Wells is sent back in, and Hayes finishes him with a DDT at 10:16.
Rating: 59%

Jimmy Hart is out with Steve Wright, promising another victory for his client. Wright is guaranteeing a title win tonight.

Ric Flair (with the Fabulous Freebirds) vs Steve Wright (with Jimmy Hart)
All three members of The Fabulous Freebirds stayed out after their match, and they’re in Flair’s corner. Both Wright and Flair have won with submissions in weeks past, Wright with his stretch muffler and Flair with the Figure-Four Leglock. Flair circles Wright early, and he takes a break on the outside when Wright gives chase. Hayes lands a strike on Wright, who rolls back into the ring. Flair lays in the chops in the corner, then plants Wright with a double arm suplex. Flair covers, but Jimmy Hart is on the apron to distract the referee. Wright kicks out and rolls up Flair, but Hayes gets up on the apron to provide his own distraction. Flair tosses Wright outside, and Gordy does some damage with a chair. Wright beats the count back in, and Flair with an inside cradle for 2. Wright reverses a suplex and lands a backdrop. He locks in the stretch muffler! Flair hangs on and the match continues. Flair with a chop block. He yells “WOOO!” and latches on with the Figure-Four! Wright is tapping, but Hart distracted the ref! Flair releases, and he thinks he’s won. Wright gets up and pins Flair with a schoolby rollup! 1-2-KICKOUT! Flair sends Wright to the corner and lands multiple chops with emphasis. Wright gets tossed to the ropes, and Flair flips him over his head with a back body drop. Another Figure-Four! Wright taps out! Flair retains at 22:26.
Rating: 75%

Jimmy Hart leaves with Wright still down.

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