GAME Pro Wrestling: The Original Fire Pro/Visual Novel Crossover


Yeah, hey, so I have a show every Thursday at 8:05 EST on Twitch. It’s wrestling but with video game characters and also interviews and storyline bits done with Visual Novel software. It’s fun and the people who check it out end up enjoying it, so maybe you will too.

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Every Thursday at 8:05 EST

And if you don’t like twitch, shows are posted to YouTube within 24 hours:

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Tonight @8:05 EST!
-In the opening contest, two of the bitiest competitors go head-to-head as Kirby faces D’vorah.
-Andore Jr appeared last week, attacking NEMESIS in the aftermath of the Phobos Deathmatch. He makes his in-ring debut tonight against Inkling.
-Chun-B takes on Double Dragon in their first match since losing the Co-Op Titles.
-To determine the next contender for the Cross-Platform Championship, we’ll see Sub-Zero, Rydia, Princess Peach, Juliet Starling, Rainbow Mika, Tracer Samus Aran and Ms. Fortune in an 8-Way Elimination Match.
-With encouragement from Terra, Sabin is making a serious effort to make it as a singles competitor. He has a monumental challenge ahead of him as he takes on Mettaton
-And in the main event: Gilgamesh defends the PCGP World Heavyweight Championship against Link and Scorpion in a Triangle Elimination match!
-Plus! King Bowser vs Captain N, Terra vs R.O.B. and The Iconic Duo vs Toejam & Earl!


Tonight @8:05 EST!
-Tina Armstrong makes her return against the bot that put her on the disabled list, GATO!
-Andore Jr and NEMESIS collide in tag-team action(with Poison and D’Vorah, respectively)!
-Inkling Girl & Rydia try their luck as a team against The Starmen!
-Rainbow Mika challenges Ickybod Clay for the PCGP Cross-Platform Championship!
-In the main event- A big 6-Man Tag Match as The Super Mario Bros & Princess Peach take on Smoughstein & Dracula!
-Also scheduled to appear: Duke Nukem, Trevor Belmont, Solid Snake, Samus Aran and more!


Tonight @8:05 EST it’s Plus Ultra!
-The opening contest sees the Mystical Ninjas facing Double Dragon because, well, last time they faced each other it ended in a double count out.
-The Returners reunite for a GAME Pro Wrestling vs the World Match.
-Frank West, Megaman, & Chun-B take on Mettaton, Protoman, R.O.B. and Starman at Frank’s request. What kind of plan has Frank come up with to discover Wily’s possible scheme? Also, Frank has promised extravagant matching costumes for this match.
-Johnny Cage and Link go head to head in a brilliant scheme by their shared manager, T. Bone Trousleberg, to get one of them over(maybe).
-Andore Jr looks to get revenge on NEMESIS for forcing his father to retire due to injuries at the Star Cup.
-The Super Mario Bros defend the PCGP Co-Op Championships against the one team they’ve never beaten- Smoughstein
-After a summer spent coming in 2nd place in everything she tried, Rainbow Mika finally won the PCGP Cross-Platform Championship last week. She makes her first defense againt Tina Armstrong, the first Cross-Platform Champion who lost the title in her first defense due to injury.
-In the Main Event: After reminding the world of his greatness at the Pan-Console Grand Prix, Zangief sets his sights on the PCGP World Championship and the current champion, Gilgamesh