Game Crash and weird wrestlers screen


My pc just got reset so I downloaded fire pro again but when I tried playing it the select wrestlers screen just said “wrestler 1, wrestler 2, ect” and then the wrestler names just went black and then the game crashed. Anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this?


Might be a corrupted save. You got a backup?


I’m also having troubles with my game, I have both 2.0 and 1.02 running on separate savefiles and they suddenly began to crash last night, the crash log reads “d3d11.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module d3d11.dll at 0023:6b225df3.”
I tried to run an unmodded version of 1.02 with a fresh save file to see if my Save was corrupted, but I’m getting the same results, same goes for 2.0, I have no idea how to fix this