Frozen edits. wont wrestle. Is this a common problem?


After patching in the DLC moves and everything, I went to sim a match and the two edits locked arms and froze. The game isn’t frozen, I can still exit the menu, navigate through the entire game, but the edits won’t do anything.

So I unpatched the game completely and the edits work fine. Ah well, I guess I can’t use the DLC moves… BUT I have a different problem. If any mod is patched into my 1.02 game the same thing happens, any two edits, they will lock up and freeze. Has anyone seen this error before? I’m tempted to uninstall and delete everything except my save and start over.


Modded moves or DLC moves?

I had the game freeze happen in a match between Aliester Black and Shinsuke Nakamura who both have a ton of modded moves. It froze about 2 minutes into the match. I quit the match, restarted, and then they went 20 minutes with no problems. …well, Nak had a KTFO problem, but no game freeze problems.


Carl fixed this problem for me. It had nothing to do with moves. There was an issue with the MMO mod.


Makes sense. I don’t usually use the MMO mod, but sometimes I forget to uncheck it.