【FP2】 Reanimation Project #1

【FP2】 Reanimation Project #1
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10 New Reanimations focused on revitalizing & improving upon some of Fire Pro Wrestling World’s default animations. Ranging from splice insertions, custom tween framing, form interaction correction, adding missing limbs, timing tweaks, & more this smaller pack aims to function as replacements and/or MoveList flavor for any edit using the default version of these moves.

Move List:

  • Brainbuster B – Front Grapple M
  • Elbow Butt B – Back Counter
  • Flying Mare B --Front Grapple S
  • Hawaiian Smasher B – Front Grapple L
  • Hawaiian Smasher C – Front Grapple L
  • Knife-Edge Chop B – Front Grapple S
  • Knife-Edge Chop C – Front Grapple S
  • Shoulder Throw B – Counter Running
  • Soccer Ball Kick B – Opp. Face Up at Head
  • Super Kick B – Front Grapple L

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