FP2 Devblog #1

Devblog #1
February 2 2020
Compiled by BozoSama

FP2.0 & Rebranding
Probably something everyone’s noticed over the past 24 hours, has been the thematic updates to the FP2 forum & social accounts, but the changes don’t stop with a new logo & colorway. Something you may not have noticed, is the new official title & domain FirePro2.com (don’t worry, all old links will continue to function for the time being & both URLs will continue to portal to the same forum).

With the official Craft Tool DLC coming out before we know it, the FP2 team wanted to move away from a “PC/Mod Centric” community into more of a “Creative & Resource” based community across both platforms with a few new & renewed focuses:

  • Release mods, packs, & more that are held to high standards & continue to expand the game beyond the end of Spike’s official development
  • Compile & centralize creative resources, ideas, or tutorials useful to FPWW customization
  • Provide the community with tutorials & tips for the upcoming official “Move Craft & Part Craft” tools when they release
  • Increase usability & community interaction with the Japanese playerbase

More Match Types Development
If you are looking for a few new ways to spice up your gameplay or sims, @View619’s More Match Types is always a great option & recently there’s two modes added to the mix. Sumo Match offers a unique, quick, & exciting meta that’s quite different than anything else currently in engine, while Survival Road offers players (and simulators alike) a different challenge that may be familiar to KoC enthusiasts.

Sumo Match
Play a traditional sumo match in the Fire Pro engine. Strike your opponent and attempt to knock him to the ground, or throw him out of the ring.

Survival Road
Fight in a gauntlet of matches, with random opponents and a limited number of continues. Based on the original King of Colosseum 2 mode.

As if that wasn’t enough a third new mode is currently in development, Unlimited Elimination Mode which offers up some unique opportunities to do fun things like company vs. company, era vs. era, & more

Unlimited Elimination Mode
Elimination mode, but with two teams with an “unlimited” number of members. Both teams take part in 1 vs 1 matches until one runs out of members.

Current Pack Development
While there are always multiple things being worked on at once behind the scenes, we’re very happy to bring you some more concrete details on three new pack projects coming soon from the FP2 team. There are two new, full Move Packs coming soon that focus on expanding the Mixed Martial Arts & Entertainment aspects of FPWW. We’re also introducing a newer concept we plan to utilize moving forward as well in the Booster Packs which will be smaller, thematic move packs with less overall content, but quicker development & release. We are excited to announce the Puroresu History #1 Booster Pack which will be the first in a small series. Find more info on all 3 projects below, follow us on twitter for future previews, & check the forum regularly for future devblogs further detailing the projects!

Release Date: February 7
Project Lead: @BozoSama

MMA Pack #1’s lead design goal is to expand on the MMA positions & transitions already in the engine. With that in mind a good amount of the moves in this pack focus on strikes & submissions from/ending in those positions like short elbows with high bleed chance from the Guard Attack & much more. With the right fighters & movesets, the “ground game” should be much more exciting & last significantly longer with some of these custom moves sprinkled in. This pack also includes new takedowns, throws, & submissions from Standing & Grappling positions such as the Power Double Leg Takedown.

Release Date: February
Project Lead: @BozoSama

Entertainment Pack #1’s lead design goal is to expand on the scarcely used Entertainment category & to do so with more than just comedy moves. Sports Entertainment was a phrase constantly used when developing the idea for this pack, which includes things like crowd interacting taunts, dastardly heel work, & even showboating as well as classic physical comedy.

Release Date: February
Project Lead: @BozoSama

The Puroresu History series will focus on implementing famous, favorite, & rare moves from figures throughout Puroresu History. From missing favorites to newer variations, these packs should include a little something for everyone.


i’m already selling my lunch to buy the supper in regards to custom moves and then you announce 3 new packs. goodbye ram welcome to crashlands.

Also i’m so looking forward to what you guys have to offer, please keep it up.


I just want to say the rebrand is lovely and the packs are great too.
I feel bad for not being as active on here as I’d like, the channel keeps me busy but this community is great.
I need to update my page and release the Royal Albert Hall and some other things.
Thank you for all the hard work Bozo.