[FP²] Contributor Move Pack #1 ~ Release


50+ new custom moves from the FP² Contributors made to fill out the light damage category with some new (& familiar) variety while beginning to expand on the MMA positions for Pro Wrestling. Including new & reworked transitions, strikes, & exchanges for a range of positions from front grapple to mount & more

Arm Breaker B Front Grapple View619
Armbreaker & Armlock Front Grapple Zin5ki
Armdrag & Armbar Front Grapple Zin5ki
Armdrag & Mount Back Grapple Reversal Zin5ki
Armlock & Mount Back Grapple Reversal BozoSama
Armwrench & Armbar Front Grapple Zin5ki
Axe Kick B Front Grapple Suneed
Back Mount Switch Back Mount Reversal BozoSama
Backslide Mount Attack BozoSama
Body Blow Front Grapple BozoSama
Body Forearm Back Grapple BozoSama
Body Knee Lift B Front Grapple Zin5ki
Drop Toe Hold & Facelock Front Grapple View619
Dueling Cyclone Whips Front Grapple Suneed
Dueling Dropkicks Front Grapple BozoSama
Elbow Stamp (Neck) B Front Grapple Suneed
Elbow Stamp B Front Grapple Suneed
European Uppercut B Front Grapple Suneed
European Uppercut C Front Grapple BozoSama
Face Knee Lift B Front Grapple Suneed
Facelock Trip Front Grapple Zin5ki
Full Nelson & Snapmare Back Grapple BozoSama
Grapple Feint Front Grapple Suneed
Hammer Blow B Front Grapple Suneed
Hammerlock & Back Mount Mount Reversal BozoSama
Hammerlock Reversal Back Grapple Reversal Zin5ki
Headlock Exchange Front Grapple BozoSama
Headlock Takedown Pin Front Grapple Zin5ki
Hold Neck Guard Attack View619
Leg Trip & Mount Front Grapple View619
Middle Kick B Front Grapple Suneed
Monkey Flip Front Grapple BozoSama
Quick Body Punch Mount Attack View619
Quick Crown Knee Kick Mount Attack View619
Quick Escape Back Grapple Reversal View619
Quick Shoutei (Back) Back Mount Attack View619
Quick Shoutei (Guard) Guard Attack View619
Quick Sweep Front Grapple BozoSama
Roll & Facelock Guard Attack BozoSama
Roll & Mount Mount Attack BozoSama
School Boy Front Grapple BozoSama
Side Knee Switch Mount Attack BozoSama
Sledgehammer B Front Grapple Suneed
Snapmare & Chinlock B Front Grapple Zin5ki
Standing Waistlock Back Mount Attack BozoSama
Standing Wristlock Front Grapple JamesRah
Steal Clutch Guard Reversal BozoSama
Sweep Low Kick Front Grapple Suneed
Technical Trip Front Grapple BozoSama
Texas Jab Front Grapple BozoSama
Thigh Kick B Front Grapple Suneed
Thrust Away Front Grapple Suneed
Thrusting Knee B Front Grapple Suneed
Toe Kick C Front Grapple Suneed
Turn Around Back Grapple Suneed
Wristlock Somersault Front Grapple JamesRah

Google Drive


  1. Download the pack from above link
  2. Extract the .rar file
  3. Drag & drop the “New Moves” folder into your root “Fire Prowrestling World” folder
  4. Using the MoveImporter import the .move file of each move you wish to install

This pack is pick & play, meaning there’s no mass install or patch like the past move packs. Copy/Pasting the “New Moves” folder will set the folder groundwork needed to properly import each move without adding to your load order, you can use as many or as few of these moves as you choose. All moves are editable through the Move Data Editor, although most of the moves are balanced around each other’s numbers & corresponding default numbers.

Move Authors - @BozoSama, @jamesrah, @suneed, @View619, & @Zin5ki
Bug Testing - @BozoSama, @jamesrah, & @View619
Quality Assurance - @DakotaK & @View619
Compiling & Design - @BozoSama

Report any bugs or issues you find here so they can be addressed & fixed as soon as possible.

Bug List:
Standing Waistlock back mount attack can have defender issues ‘detaching’ during the animation – reproduction conditions currently unclear


Some of these moves were released previously by carl and the team. Wondering if any changes were made to those moves or if they’re the same?


I just want to make a note that the game is a 32bit game, and can only use about 3.2GB of RAM total before it starts to become incredibly unstable.

Importing moves is one of the most RAM intensive mods created thus far, so in general, the game will support somewhere between 120-220 moves (other factors like custom parts, the number of edits/rings/etc. make this impossible to pin down to a smaller range).

If you install all the moves from the original movepack release (~180) and then all these moves, you will almost certainly run into memory issues and game crashes.

If that happens, DO NOT report it to me. I don’t care, since you did it to yourself, uninstall some moves so that your game uses less memory.

If you decide to ignore this, I’ll throw you on a list of people I will no longer offer support for, or allow to ask for support on the Discord. I don’t have time to shift through these sorts of “I fucked things up” reports.


I believe less than 5 of these moves are re-releases, but a few of them may have been out there from Zin5ki before. The one I’m certain of being an original move pack move is View’s “Drop Toe Hold & Facelock” which is a C-Value updated version of the the same move. Almost every move in here is “new”.


Thank you sir. Next question if I replace the original file with the new file will it keep that move in the same order in my dat file? Cause if not it will screw everything up cause it will reorder the moves. I’m assuming if I keep the fike name the same as the original move file name it would work.


I think if you manually want to replace the old move like you’re saying you can take the new bytes and place it where the old bytes was & rename it what the old bytes file was named, then also “refresh bytes” of that move in the importer.

Probably much easier to just install the new move and place it as needed to avoid possible issues though.


Will we be able to see a demo video showing all the moves?