[FP²] Competitions, Feedback, & Suggestions


Coming off the heels of our 2nd Byte Comp deadline it feels like the perfect time to open the lines for some communication and feedback regarding past, current, and future competitions.Generally the first two Byte Comps have been great and we’ve had what I would consider to be really good turn out entry wise, but there have been a fair few points raised.

The goal here is to grow FP² as a community and increase member contributions. If you have any other suggestions, competition ideas, or general ideas please feel free to share them in this thread.



I really do like the idea of extending the competition to two weeks. As much as I enjoy participating, there are just some weeks where I’m just not going to find the time to do it.

As far as other suggestions go, I liked the suggestion made in the discord (by View619) about letting the winner pick a upcoming week’s theme. You’ve been doing great so far, so no criticisms here, but it would be kind of a fun bonus for winning.


I can say right now, the winner won’t be picking the theme. It encourages having the same winner week in and week out, which is another reason I prefer the 1 week system. Looks like you’ll win again this week, so having “new” winners on weeks where you “just not going to find the time” seem to be the healthier choice to me.

Winners will have a “Vote/voice” in the themes for #4-#8 however :+1:




If just like to suggest maybe a week would have tag team reversals where the single wrestler gets the best of the team. They’d be cool to use with the move set mod.