[FP²] Byte Comp #5 «Sports Entertainment» 11/13



Welcome to the official Fire Pro PC Bytes Competition! In hopes to stimulate creation and user participation we are starting a new weekly competition in the #competitions section with a different theme or challenge every week.

What is a “Byte Comp”?
The “Byte Comp” is a forum competition for any user interested who would like to take the time in WazaMake to produce .bytes files and enter.

What’s required to enter?
The requirements are to be a registered FP² user and to make a post with your uploaded .bytes file(s) w/ a name for your move by the deadline or a video preview of your move w/ a name for your move by the deadline. Bytes files are no longer required to initially enter, but will be required from winners for the eventual pack release. All multi-angle moves must have all angles included. Previews & .move files are optional

Do I need to be able to record/make a preview?
No, but don’t rely on others, make an attempt for yourself because I won’t always have time to create previews.

Is there any sort of prize?
Yes. Firstly I’ve re-implemented the forum badge & title system. First Place Winner will receive a displayable Byte Comp Winner Title & Byte Comp Winner Badge. Runner-Up will receive a displayable Byte Comp Runner-Up Badge. Both the First Place Winner & the Runner-Up will have their moves included in an upcoming FP² Move Pack compilation (monthly or special release) as well as receive the FP² Comp Winner Role on the official FP² Discord server.

Can I enter more than one custom move?
Yes, although the limit is two custom moves per entrant and there must be two separate winners.

How are the Winners decided?
After the deadline has passed a forum admin or moderator will make a polling thread that will remain open for 72 hours.

Best of luck to everyone and a quick reminder that this isn’t just for the established move team members/community creators. There’s no time like the present to get involved with creating your own moves and joining the contributing community! There are some tutorials in #guides-theory and I’ll be available all week on the FP² Discord & Carl’s Modding Discord to help anyone who needs it.



Here’s my entry to kick things off this week - Marty Scurll’s Finger Snap. Comes complete with dry heaves, and the opponent selling it for roughly 5 seconds before forgetting they just had their hand broken. :grinning:


Oh man that’s so fucking sick!!!


This thread is for submissions only, please do not post requests.

We have a thread for requests already set up too:


They weren’t intended as requests but just trying to help give ideas since the comp seemed at a standstill. My bad.


It’s fine, just want to avoid suggestions/requests in the competition threads. Anyone is free to check the move suggestion thread if they need some ideas.


Gotcha view


My entry
Spirit Chop Rush




Strong-Style Rush

Move and Byte Files


My second entry
Grapple Feint

.bytes and .move


I hope it’s not too late to enter but here is my 1st move that I’ve completed. Moonwalk DDT
Update: Fixed a couple of frames where defenders head was on the wrong side and adjusted the kip up.



my entry- running rolling face raking


I’ve been posting updates to the deadline on the official discord, but for anyone out of the loop the deadline is November 30 11:59PM. After this set of comps there’s probably going to be a break or possible change in format as discussed on the Discord.


WIP, but here’s my second entry.

Punch Rush Flop