[FP²] Byte Comp #3 Winner’s Thread


Thank you to the community for participating, voting, & making this competition our largest success yet! We had some really great Grounded Assault Bryan Danielson entries and from a field of 11 entries & 33 total votes congratulations @BozoSama (lol) on being the Bytes Comp #3 Winner & congratulations @jamesrah & @suneed on tying for Runner-Up!

Bryan MMA Elbows Submission @BozoSama

Bryan Yes Kicks @suneed

Bryan Curb Stomps Triangle Choke w Elbow Strikes @jamesrah

The title & badges have been distributed for this week and both moves will be included in a future FP² Community Release. Feel free to give our winners a congratulations and share any thoughts you had on this week’s competition!


Congratulations Brian


Bryan Danielson mini pack lol. Any chance when these get released, we can get the head stomps separated from the triangle to make it it’s own move? Thanks to all for these terrific moves! @jamesrah


I don’t think that would be too hard. At some point, I’m probably going to throw up a page with the moves I’ve finished and include links to the files.