[FP²] Byte Comp #2 Winner’s Thread


Thank you to the community for participating, voting, & making this competition a general success! We had some really great Double Team entries and from a field of 8 entries & 33 total votes congratulations @jamesrah on being the Bytes Comp #2 Winner & congratulations @suneed on being the Runner-Up!

KRS-ONE @jamesrah

Double Team #1 @suneed

The title & badges have been distributed for this week and both moves will be included in a future FP² Community Release. Feel free to give our winners a congratulations and share any thoughts you had on this week’s competition!



Thank you, again, everyone! You’re almost making me think I know what I’m doing…


Thank you, everyone.
And congratulations jamesrah!
I voted for you. I’m really happy that you won.


I voted for you as well, Suneed! I’m definitely giving your move to some of my created wrestlers. It’s just perfect.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


I voted for both these moves. Good job. :smiley: