[FP²] Byte Comp #1 Winner's Thread


As a staff member for FP² I would just like to say thank you to the community for participating, voting, & making this competition a general success! We had some really great Piledriver Theme entries ranging from double team moves to crazy corner grapples and from a field of 8 entries & 38 total votes congratulations @jamesrah on being the Inaugural Bytes Comp Winner & congratulations @BozoSama (lol) on being the Runner-Up!

Package Piledriver/Brainbustah Combo @jamesrah

Snap Piledriver @BozoSama

The title & badges have been distributed for this week and both moves will be included in a future FP² Community Release. Feel free to give our winners a congratulations and share any thoughts you had on this week’s competition!


Congrats you two! :slight_smile:

I’m not going to lie, kinda surprised I took 3rd with the goofy Spinning Piledriver but glad these moves won. LOVE the snap Piledriver.


Wow…that’s very cool! Thanks to everyone who voted. And thanks to BozoSama for putting the contest together and encouraging me to participate.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to commission a giant trophy that I can bring with me wherever I go. This being wrestling-related, I feel confident that nothing bad will happen to either it, or me, in the process.


Really happy to see that you decided to enter @jamesrah and also won. It’s exciting how many “fresh” faces there were this week entering and makes me really excited for the future of custom moves. We have a lot of really talented people working to make new things and the voting was actually a lot closer than I expected. Was also really cool to see what people voted for, the Spinning Piledriver while not frame perfect was a really cool concept so I’m not surprised it got so much love @KMLMW


Great stuff. Thank you!


This is awesome stuff guys. I was working on a move for the competition but my inexperience and life got in the way. I hope to be able to figure this out and compete at some point.