[FP²] Attire Comp #3 °Monsters & Myths° 4/20



Welcome back to the official FP² Attire Comp!

What is an “Attire Comp”?
The “Attire Comp” is a forum competition for any user interested who would like to take the time to create an edit appearance abiding by the theme challenge(s).

What’s required to enter?
The requirements are to be a registered FP² user, to make a post with your original created appearance previewed with a screenshot how you feel fit, a name for your edit, and an optional small bio about your edit (you can get creative here if you please or just something light about which part of the challenge the edit applies to). Including a link to the Steam workshop/ps4 workshop is optional.

Are there any restrictions?
Custom parts are not currently permitted and you are limited to use the default or DLC assets.

Is there any sort of prize?
Yes. Firstly I’ve re-implemented the forum badge & title system. First Place Winner will receive a displayable Attire Comp Winner Title & Attire Comp Winner Badge. Runner-Up will receive a displayable Attire Comp Runner-Up Badge. Both the First Place Winner & the Runner-Up will receive the FP² Comp Winner Role on the official FP² Discord server.

Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes, although the limit is two entries per entrant and there must be two separate winners.

How are the Winners decided?
After the deadline has passed a forum admin or moderator will make a polling thread that will remain open for 72 hours.

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Please read the rules.


Ye, I guess I totally looked past those huh. It can be removed I’ll follow the rules better next time I promise.


As silent as he is cold he could careless if he’s loved or hated… Nevar holds no emotion for those around him only apathy… The only respect & empathy he has is that for the ones who came before him who have passed… Nevar detest you all…

Credit: Spike Chunsoft


:thinking: Seems no one else is even entering this competition?
……Either way whatever the case I have one more edit I’m posting.

That of which no blind eyes can see, he hails from your darkest nightmares Loup Garou comes to slash you to pieces.


Deadline has been extended to May 10th to help field more entries.


Was holding my entries to see if we fielded anymore entrants, people don’t seem interested so going to go ahead and discontinue this.

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