[FP²] Attire Comp #2 °Luchadores de Animales° 11/13



Welcome to the first official Fire Pro PC Attire Competition! In hopes to stimulate creation and user participation we are starting another new weekly competition in the #competitions section with a different theme or challenge every week.

What is an “Attire Comp”?
The “Attire Comp” is a forum competition for any user interested who would like to take the time to create an edit appearance abiding by the weekly challenge(s).

What’s required to enter?
The requirements are to be a registered FP² user, to make a post with your original created appearance previewed with a screenshot how you feel fit, a name for your edit, and preferably a 25+ word blurb about your edit (you can get creative here if you please or just something light about which part of the challenge the edit applies to). Including a link to the Steam workshop/fpw for 2.0 users or an export file for 1.02 users isn’t required, but you are more than welcome to share.

.cos files will be required in the future.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes. Since this competition is open to all users 1.02 and 2.0 alike we’ll be limiting the use of custom parts for 1.02 users to only 2.0 DLC NJPW assets to keep everyone on as close to an even playing ground as possible. To be clear this means only default and 2.0 DLC assets are legal.

This may also be changing to every other week allowing free use of all custom parts, feel free to leave feedback in the thread.

Is there any sort of prize?
Yes. Firstly I’ve re-implemented the forum badge & title system. First Place Winner will receive a displayable Attire Comp Winner Title & Attire Comp Winner Badge. Runner-Up will receive a displayable Attire Comp Runner-Up Badge. Both the First Place Winner & the Runner-Up will receive the FP² Comp Winner Role on the official FP² Discord server.

Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes, although the limit is two entries per entrant and there must be two separate winners.

How are the Winners decided?
After the deadline has passed a forum admin or moderator will make a polling thread that will remain open for 72 hours.



For my first choice, I submit Candiru. (If you wanna know what a Candiru is, Google it)



And for my second, Sphynx Mask. (Sphynx being the hairless cat species)



Here’s my entry. I was iffy about doing the 2nd comp but changed my mind.

He’ll suck the life right out of you and your blood



(Ignore the part where it says he’s from America. And the glaring issue with my use of Spanish.)

El Hijo del Tortuga! This heavyweight luchador is a second-generation star in the making, and displays the same level of toughness and agility as his namesake animal.


He was just your ordinary Luchador wrestler from Tijuana till he was injected with frog DNA after being bit. Now he jumps all over the place - Better watch out or he’ll jump on you!



From the barnyard to the squared circle here is one fifth of the Cock Fight Club (C.F.C.) and wSw tag team champion Cloudy Cock. (Inspired by Incredibly Strange Wrestling)


My 2nd entry: One of my top high flying junior weights who has a deadly sting.