Fire Promotion Wars (All Versions)


This is a booking and record keeping tool that allows players to build promotions, hire wrestlers, track their match history, and manage morale to either elevate wrestlers within the company or risk having wrestlers “quit” the promotion.

Getting Started

  1. Build a promotion using the tool.
  2. Hire wrestlers for the roster, each of which is given a starting morale level based on a number of factors (see documentation).
  3. Book wrestlers in matches using the promotion’s home ring. Results will be stored once the match is completed.


Download Links
(1.02 ONLY)

(2.0 ONLY)


The mod has been updated with additional history tracking for title match results, roster promotions/demotions and roster medical history (criticals and part health after a match).


Made a minor update that adds the ability to manually save & load data. Also, resolved a data load bug related to stored promotion history.


Links have been separated for each version.


does this mod still work and if so does it conflict with any other mods


Mod works fine and it doesn’t conflict with any other mods.