Fire Pro Wrestling World on Arch Linux


Just copying over my Linux install guide from the other place. This should work on 1.02 with mods and 2.0.

So you want to play Fire Pro on Arch Linux? Well great news, everything - including those great mods - works on the latest wine-staging 3.5 (or higher) and current Steam release.

We have to edit a few config settings to make the game boot, but its an easy process.

1) Back up your current FPW data

If you already have a working Windows install, do a few backups.

  • backup your save
  • backup DECAL, BMG, and MOD customization folders

2) Install Wine, Steam, and Fire Pro World

We are going to install Wine Staging, then use Wine to install the Windows version of Steam.

Please make sure you install the STAGING version of wine. The staging version contains patches that are not included in the base version of wine. I never got base wine to run FPW so AFAIK it doesn’t work for the game.

  • $ pacman -Syu wine-staging wine-mono winetricks
  • $ winetricks steam
  • Open steam, add your login information, and install FPW as normal.

If you are on Ubuntu try the official Steam on Linux instructions.

3) Configure your wine prefix using winetricks

Ok this is the part that really matters. Your current setup will give a black loading screen for FPW. We can fix that.

  • Run winetricks again.
  • Open your wineprefix.
  • Open the wine configuration.
  • Select the applications tab. Then select your FirePro.exe.
  • Set the Windows version to Windows 7.
  • Select the Libraries tab. Add entries for the following:
  • d3d11 (disabled)
  • d3dx11 (disabled)
  • xinput1_3 (disabled)
  • xinput1_4 (native, builtin)
  • Save and exit.

4) Enjoy Fire Pro World

Your game should run nearly perfect now.

5) Potential Issues

  • The PGWR menus can be hard to navigate due to the way wine and mono draw the windows.
  • The slower initial load of the game than a Windows installed version.
  • The slower initial download of Steam Workshop items than a Windows installed version.
  • Screen recording software is much harder to use without performance degradation.
  • This should work on Ubuntu if you install a recent wine-staging version.
  • You may need to install Windows core fonts to wine’s font folder to get the PGWR and mod windows to display text.


Thanks for bringing this over and taking the time to format it so nicely :+1:


Just a heads up to say that the downgrade to 1.02 thing works fine in Arch with no problems.


Thank you! I currently dual boot and was hoping to dump W10. Fire Pro was the only thing delaying the move.


Hi there, found this thread and bought a macbook this weekend. Unfortunately i cannot get Fire Pro Wrestling World running. I followed the steps above in wine staging. What shall i do exactly with wine tricks? What does these two lines mean:
$ pacman -Syu wine-staging wine-mono winetricks
$ winetricks steam

Because every time i start FPWW i get this error:
user32.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module user32.dll at 001b:69a6f1e6.

I have an macbook 13 from early 2015 (2,7 processor, 8 gb ram, Intel graphics 6100).

Maybe someone can help? Thx in advance.

Edit: Oh i see this is for Arch Linux… Should it work on a mac also?