February 1980 Taping


Week # 1

The Orient Express destroys a team of random jobbers, solidifying their place as RWA Tag Champions

Tiger Jeet Singh makes short work of Keith Hart, punishing him until Carlos Colon runs to the ring and chases him off. Colon then challenges Singh to a match, stating that he’s become tired of Singh’s bullying and wants him to “try picking on someone his own size”.

Karl Kox makes short work of Mike Scicluna, showing that he’s still a dominant force despite his advanced age.

In the Battle of the The Superstars, “Superstar” Bill Dundee faced off against “Superstar” Billy Graham. While Graham had control of the match early on, a referee bump resulted in Bill Dundee hitting a Low Blow, then a devastating chair shot to knock out Graham before the referee could recover. As Graham was unable to respond before to the referee’s count, the match was awarded to Bill Dundee. He then landed a brutal piledriver on a chair for good measure, before proclaiming himself as the One True Superstar of RWA

Week #2

The Assassins make short work of a team of local up and comers, leaving them bloodied and broken outside of the ring for a Count Out victory. Afterwards, James J Dillon grabbed the mic and proclaimed that the next time The Assassins face The Orient Express (RWA Tag Team champions) his team won’t be fooled by their sneaky Asian tactics.

El Olympico faced off against rookie Curt Hennig, with father Larry Hennig coaching in his corner. After a back and forth match, Hennig landed the a Body Slam & Leg Hooking Pinfall combination to secure the win. It seems that Hennig is learning the importance of closing a match strongly.


In a short, bloody grudge match Tiger Jeet Singh and Carlos Colon battled it out for twelve minutes. After being hit with an Eye Gouge & Low Blow combination by Singh while referee Robert Johnson was distracted, Colon managed to battle on courageously for a few more minutes before succumbing to a devastating Jumping Pile Driver.
After the bell, Singh planted his foot on the broken body of Colon and proclaimed himself as the greatest brawler in the RWA, with his sights set on creating even more broken bodies in the future.

The Crusher vs Bob Backlund

Week #3

Masked Jobbers vs The Naturals

Larry Hennig vs Karl Kox

Jimmy Valiant vs Jerry Lawler

Week #4

Mikel Scicluna vs Jay Youngblood

The Hennigs and Karl Kox vs The Assassins and Tiger Jeet Singh

Bob Backlund vs Junk Yard Dog (Championship Match)

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