FCCW Results - May 1980


FCCW - May 23rd, 1980 - House Show
From the Albuquerque SportPlex, Albuquerque New Mexico on 05/23/1980
Card Rating: 72%
Total Card Time: 0 hrs. 54 mins. 9 secs.

Pat Patterson Debut: Pat Patterson vs. Mike Tallman
Pat Patterson defeated Mike Tallman:
Pat Patterson beat Mike Tallman in 0 Min 38 Sec with a Flying Body Attack.
Rating: 52

Excess Express Debut: Excess Express vs. Chris McClen & Clement Melton
Excess Express defeated Chris McClen & Clement Melton:
Sex McDuff beat Clement Melton in 2 Min 41 Sec with a Super Kick.
Rating: 54

FCCW Wild West Title Match: Karl Kox vs. Nick Bockwinkel
Nick Bockwinkel defeated Karl Kox:
Nick Bockwinkel beat Karl Kox in 7 Min 2 Sec with a Sleeper Hold.
Rating: 75

Interview Segment /w Hoytt Lansdow
Hoytt Lansdow gave an interview:
Interview segment involving: Hoytt Lansdow
Rating: 77

Branding Ropes Deathmatch: Buddy Rose vs. Big Bully Busick
Buddy Rose defeated Big Bully Busick:
Buddy Rose beat Big Bully Busick in 14 Min 57 Sec with an Elbow Drop.
Rating: 78

FCCW Tag Team Title Match: The Long Riders vs. Minnesota Wrecking Crew
The Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeated The Long Riders:
Gene Anderson beat Scott Irwin in 17 Min 32 Sec with a Back Hook-Leg Pinfall.
Rating: 81

FCCW Four Corners Title Match: Eddie Gilbert vs. Ted DiBiase
Ted DiBiase defeated Eddie Gilbert:
Ted DiBiase beat Eddie Gilbert in 8 Min 51 Sec with a Figure 4 Leg Lock .
Rating: 90

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