FCCW Results - Jan. 1980


FCCW TV Tapings - January 1980
Card Rating: 65%
Total Card Time: 1 hrs. 4 mins. 3 secs.

TV EPISODE #1 - January 4th, 1980

Paul Ellering vs. Joey Dungworth
Paul Ellering defeated Joey Dungworth:
Paul Ellering beat Joey Dungworth in 0 Min 28 Sec with a Press Powerslam.
Rating: 63

Match Notes: Ellering made ridiculously short work of Joey Dungworth. Precious Paul was looking to make a statement with the first FCCW match ever, and the world heard that statement loud and clear.

Big Bully Busick vs. Miles Deroy
Big Bully Busick & Skandor Akbar defeated Miles Deroy:
Big Bully Busick beat Miles Deroy in 6 Min 9 Sec with a Turnbuckle Stampede.
Rating: 56

Match Notes: After the match was finished, Busick took his cigar and burned Miles Deroy’s chest. This action was totally uncalled for, and rumor has it that it didn’t sit well with other members of the FCCW locker room.

The Time Machine vs. Chris McClen & Eric McCrindle
Chris Colt & Count Drummer defeated Chris McClen & Eric McCrindle:
Chris Colt beat Chris McClen in 2 Min 17 Sec with a Jumping Pile Driver.
Rating: 59

Match Notes: The Time Machine has arrived in 1980. Colt didn’t even need to make the tag to Count Drummer in order to score the win here over poor Chris McClen. After the match Colt reminded the fans that in the future, where he comes from, the fans are all dead and forgotten to a chorus of boos.

Ted DiBiase vs. Lanny Poffo
Ted DiBiase defeated Lanny Poffo:
Ted DiBiase beat Lanny Poffo in 7 Min 14 Sec with a Figure 4 Leg Lock .
Rating: 73

Match Notes: Poffo tried his best to beat DiBiase, but couldn’t overcome DiBiase’s tenacity and aggressive demeanor. Once DiBiase’s patented Figure-Four was applied there was little Poffo could do besides submit. Ted DiBaise continued his relentless assault after the bell, causing several wrestlers to hit the ring to save Poffo as the show went off the air.

TV EPISODE #2 - January 11th, 1980

Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs. Bernardo Sanchez & Clement Melton
Ole Anderson, Gene Anderson, & Skandor Akbar defeated Bernardo Sanchez & Clement Melton:
Ole Anderson beat Clement Melton in 3 Min 58 Sec with an Atomic Drop.
Rating: 56

Match Notes: Minnesota Wrecking Crew have teamed up with Skandor Akbar’s Army to try to capture gold. Akbar managed to stay out of the match for a minute, but as soon as Bernardo Sanchez was unceremoniously dumped from the ring, Akbar went to town on him with kicks and stomps. After about 4 minutes of vicious beatings, Ole mercifully pinned Clemont Melton.

Interview with El Santo
El Santo, who was one of the wrestlers who saved Lanny Poffo last week, had a few words condemning DiBiase’s actions. Santo says that kind of behavior is unconscionable.

David Schultz vs. Mike Tallman
David Schultz defeated Mike Tallman:
David Schultz beat Mike Tallman in 2 Min 30 Sec with a Bat-Hanging Lock.
Rating: 70

Match Notes: Schultz was aggressive here, which is par for the course when discussing Dr. D., and won with a submission hold that we’ve never seen before. It looked very “futuristic”. I wonder if Chris Colt taught it to him?

Dutch Mantel vs. Ivan Putski
Dutch Mantel and Ivan Putski wrestled to a draw:
Dutch Mantel battled Ivan Putski to a time limit draw.
Rating: 70

Match Notes: The Dirty Dutchman and The Polish Hammer wrestled to a time limit draw. FCCW TV matches have that strict 10 minute time limit, and neither of these guys could get the upper hand well enough to get the 3 count. Mantel was noticeably upset after the match.

Mantel assaults Putski backstage
Mantel was clearly not through and the announcers got word that Dutch Mantel had assault Ivan Putski backstage. The announcers aren’t sure how severe the attack was and inform us if they receive any news, they’ll be sure sure to let the viewers know.

Bill Watts vs. Robert Fuller
Bill Watts defeated Robert Fuller:
Bill Watts beat Robert Fuller in 8 Min 18 Sec with a Vertical Brainbuster.
Rating: 75

Match Notes: Bill Watts is sure to have his eyes on the Four Corners Championship, but first he had to go through The Tennessee Stud. Robert Fuller didn’t make this match easy for Watts, and it looked like Fuller might pull off the upset several times, but in the end, Watts managed to come through with a savage brainbuster. Fuller is going to need some excedrin after that one.

TV EPISODE #3 - January 18th, 1980

Update on Ivan Putski
Dutch Mantel’s assault on Ivan Putski last week after their match ended in a draw is revealed to have caused an great deal of harm to Putski. Putski will miss 2 weeks of in ring action.

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Chris McClen
Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Heenan defeated Chris McClen:
Nick Bockwinkel beat Chris McClen in 0 Min 37 Sec with a Backdrop Hold.
Rating: 61

Match Notes: Nick Bockwinkel decided to give Precious Paul Ellering a run for his money on scoring the fastest victory in FCCW history. He fell short by a few seconds, but a dominant win for Bockwinkel nonetheless.Heenan and Bockwinkel celebrated over the fallen McClen after the fight.

Bobby Heenan has some words…
After the match, Bobby Heenan lets the FCCW fans know that Nick Bockwinkel is the only real wrestler in the FCCW, Heenan even goes so far as to say that Bockwinkel is the only real wrestler in the entirety of the NAWC. Bockwinkel chimes in with his words of agreement, pointing out his effortless victory over Chris McClen. Bockwinkel then challenges Paul Ellering for the Jan. 25th show, claiming he’ll make the same short work out of the him. Obviously this was all without consulting Heenan, who looks a bit dumbfounded and concerned by the challenge.

El Santo vs. Miles Deroy
El Santo defeated Miles Deroy:
El Santo beat Miles Deroy in 6 Min 41 Sec with a Jumping Pile Driver.
Rating: 61

Match Notes: The burn Miles Deroy suffered from Big Bully Busick was still noticeable 2 weeks later, when Deroy was beaten by El Santo. Santo is definitely not as spry as he used to be, but he had no trouble whipping Deroy into shape…that is until Ted DiBiase interfered out of nowhere. DiBiase smacked El Santo around for a bit before returning to the locker-room. El Santo still managed to come out victorious, but the assault by DiBiase left him reeling after the bell.

Ted DiBiase makes a statement
DiBiase says it’s time for the new generation of wrestlers to stake their claim, that old men need to be put out to pasture. El Santo is one of those old men. DiBiase says Santo may be a legend in Mexico, but FCCW isn’t Mexico, and Santo will never become a legend here because he’s washed up.

Buddy Rose vs. Joey Dungworth
Buddy Rose defeated Joey Dungworth:
Buddy Rose beat Joey Dungworth in 5 Min 51 Sec with an Avalanche Hold.
Rating: 61

Match Notes: Buddy Rose made his FCCW debut agaisnt Joey Dungworth. Rose hammered away on Dungworth but was interrupted by Big Bully Busick. Busick attacks both Dungworth and Rose, leaving Rose down long enough to “brand” Dungworth with his cigar. Rose had no trouble pinning Dungworth after Busick left, but Rose was visibly upset by the action of Busick and Akbar.

Buddy Rose voices his displeasure…
Buddy Rose had an opportunity to address Busick and Akbar after the match, calling them cowardly. Rose says it doesn’t take a big man to burn a beaten man, and says he’ll be at ringside the next time Busick is in action make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Gilberts vs. Buck Robley & Ken Patera
Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert and Buck Robley & Ken Patera wrestled to a draw:
Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert battled Buck Robley & Ken Patera to a time limit draw.
Rating: 76

Match Notes: The Gilberts were in top form tonight, but Patera and Robley were ready to rumble. Neither team was able to get the pinfall during the 10 minutes of TV time, so the match was ruled a draw. Eddie Gilbert ended the night by challenging Patera and Robley to a rematch on the January 25th program., but the show went off the air before Patera, who was reaching for the microphone, could respond.

FCCW Big TV Taping - Jan. 25th 1980
Card Rating: 79%
Total Card Time: 1 hrs. 9 mins. 56 secs.

Ken Patera answers Eddie Gilbert…
Ken Patera and Eddie Gilbert start us off in the ring. Patera mentions being cut-off by the TV station last week, and says that Robley and himself would love a rematch against The Gilberts.

The Gilberts vs. Ken Patera & Buck Robley
Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert and Ken Patera & Buck Robley wrestled to a draw:
Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert battled Ken Patera & Buck Robley to a time limit draw.
Rating: 71

Match Notes: Another time limit draw for these two, this time going the extended distance of 15 minutes. Robley and Patera looked stronger than anyone expected them to, but The Gilberts are a natural team and wouldn’t be overcome by the surprisingly effective pairing.

FCCW Wild West Title Tournament - Semi-Finals: Nick Bockwinkel /w Bobby Heenan vs. Paul Ellering
Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Heenan defeated Paul Ellering:
Nick Bockwinkel beat Paul Ellering in 13 Min 53 Sec with a Jumping Pile Driver.
Rating: 73

Match Notes: Ellering and Bockwinkel both have some quick pins in the past, but this match almost went the distance. I don’t think either of them expected for their previously agreed upon match to be part of the Wild West Title Tournament, but it was an opportunity that neither of them wanted to pass up. Heenan made his presence felt early and often, and an argument could be made that the only reason Bockwinkel was able to best Ellering here was because of Heenan’s shenanigans.

Ivan Putski talks with Lord Alfred Hayes
Ivan Putski was put out of action for 2 weeks after a vicious backstage assault by Dutch Mantel. Putski of course is back tonight and part of the Wild West Title Tournament, trying to get some measure of revenge on the Dirty Dutchman. Hayes asked Putski about his current health, and Putski said he’s feeling fine, and that he’s ready to make sure Mantel doesn’t take home the Wild West Title.

FCCW Wild West Title Tournament - Semi-Finals: Ivan Putski vs. Dutch Mantel
Ivan Putski defeated Dutch Mantel:
Ivan Putski beat Dutch Mantel in 6 Min 49 Sec with a Jumping Pile Driver.
Rating: 80

Match Notes: Mantel and Putski didn’t wrestle much, it was mostly a brawl, which is to be expected considering the bad blood between the two. When Mantel realized that he wasn’t going to out brawl Putski, he tried resorting to cheap tactics and attempted to spit chewing tobacco in the face of Putski. This backfired though Putski ducked and the tobacco splattered all over the unlucky fans in the front row, which caused enough of a commotion for Putski to hit a piledriver for the win.

Ron Wright vs. Clement Melton
Ron Wright defeated Clement Melton:
Ron Wright beat Clement Melton in 2 Min 35 Sec with a Swinging Neckbreaker.
Rating: 60

Match Notes: Ron Wright made short work of Clement Melton, ending his night with Wright’s patented Swinging Neckbreaker. Wright, despite being past his prime, is still an imposing force here in FCCW.

Mr.Wrestling II vs. Robert Fuller
Mr.Wrestling II defeated Robert Fuller:
Mr.Wrestling II beat Robert Fuller in 9 Min 54 Sec with a Knee Lift.
Rating: 100

Match Notes: In the surprise match of the night, Mr. Wrestling II and Robert Fuller put on an absolute clinic. Fuller wouldn’t stay down despite taking a beating, and much to the fan’s delight, Mr. Wrestling II wouldn’t submit to Fuller’s barrage of leg-locks. By the end of the match, Wrestling’s legs may have been weakened, but they were still powerful enough to end Fuller’s night when Mr. Wrestling II hit his devastating Knee-Lift.

Mike Sharpe vs. Bernardo Sanchez
Mike Sharpe defeated Bernardo Sanchez:
Mike Sharpe beat Bernardo Sanchez in 1 Min 38 Sec with a Hooked-leg Pinfall.
Rating: 62

Match Notes: Iron Mike Sharpe beat the tar out of Bernardo Sanchez. Sharpe made a point of getting in, out, and on his way…proving that wrestlers don’t get paid by the hour.

FCCW Wild West Title Tournament - Finals: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Ivan Putski
Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Heenan defeated Ivan Putski:
Nick Bockwinkel beat Ivan Putski in 9 Min 23 Sec with a Cobra Clutch.
Rating: 94

Match Notes: Bockwinkel and Heenan once again slimed their way to victory. Ivan Putski really put up a great effort in this match, but he couldn’t beat the two snakes as Heenan’s frequent slipping of weapons to Bockwinkel pretty much assured his victory. Bockwinkel and Heenan celebrated with the FCCW Wild West Title like they had just won the lottery. I’m sure a few members of the FCCW roster are going to take issue with how Bockwinkel captured the title here.

El Santo & Buddy Rose vs. Ted DiBiase & Big Bully Busick /w Skandor Akbar
Ted DiBiase, Big Bully Busick, & Skandor Akbar defeated El Santo & Buddy Rose:
Ted DiBiase beat El Santo in 10 Min 44 Sec with a Powerbomb.
Rating: 88

Match Notes: Buddy Rose was beaten badly before the match even started by Big Bully Busick. This essentially made it a 2.5 on 1 affair, pitting Busick (with the occasional help of Akbar) and DiBiase against El Santo by his lonesome. Rose tried to get involved when he could, but it was clear that he was going to be of limited help. DiBiase was able to score the pin against the disadvantaged El Santo, but it was pretty obvious that in a one-on-one environment El Santo and DiBiase would be a very different match, it was also clear that Busick would have stood no chance against Santo on his own, but it appears he’s got his sights set on Buddy Rose anyway.

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