FCCW Results - April 1980


FCCW - April 18th 1980 - House Show
Card Rating: 82%
Total Card Time: 1 hrs. 9 mins. 28 secs.

Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel vs. Ivan Putski & Robert Fuller
Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel and Ivan Putski & Robert Fuller wrestled to a draw:
Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel battled Ivan Putski & Robert Fuller to a time limit draw.
Rating: 80

Barry Windham Debut: Barry Windham vs. Chris McClen
Barry Windham defeated Chris McClen:
Barry Windham beat Chris McClen in 8 Min 48 Sec with a Flying Lariat.
Rating: 91

FCCW Tag Team Title Match: The Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs. The Gilberts
The Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeated The Gilberts:
Ole Anderson beat Tommy Gilbert in 14 Min 16 Sec with a Side Arm Hold.
Rating: 79

Buddy Rose vs. Big Bully Busick
Buddy Rose and Big Bully Busick wrestled to a draw:
Buddy Rose battled Big Bully Busick to a time limit draw.
Rating: 79

FCCW Four Corners Title Match: Ted DiBiase vs. Paul Ellering
Ted DiBiase defeated Paul Ellering:
Ted DiBiase beat Paul Ellering in 10 Min 5 Sec with a Figure 4 Leg Lock .
Rating: 100

NAWC World Title Match: Bill Watts vs. Stan Hansen
Bill Watts defeated Stan Hansen:
Bill Watts beat Stan Hansen in 6 Min 19 Sec with an Oklahoma Stampede.
Rating: 68


Here’s hoping Ray Stevens gets a crack at that Four Corners belt sometime in the near future…

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