Extra Game Options (EGO) Collection

This mod includes a number of new options for players of Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Current Features

Wrestler Search Tool

  • Search for wrestlers by name or promotion, and open them in Edit Mode immediately.
  • Allows players to modify downloaded edits in Edit Mode.
  • Shows the current promotion and stable of any searched wrestler.

Low Tag Recovery

  • Forces all edits in a multi-man match to use Low Recovery (Skills) for the duration.
  • Aims to reduce the time for multi-man matches to be completed.

Forced Finisher Sell

  • Increases down-time after signatures and finishers are hit, allowing edits to follow-up more reliably with other attacks (pin falls, submissions, dives, etc).

Attacker Ignores Pin fall/Submission

  • Attacker immediately recovers after a grounded pin fall or submission.

Referee Behavior Override

  • Enables the referee to attempt proactive positioning for pin falls after signatures, finishers and potential match-ending moves.
  • Makes potential pin fall victories anywhere in the ring more likely.

Critical Resilience

  • Gives edits a chance to ignore knock outs caused by a Critical and keep fighting. They still receive the full damage for taking criticals on a specific part, with a slight restoration to spirit which ensures that the edit is able to continue fighting.
  • The resilience rating depends on the edit’s part HP (under Skills); an edit with a weak neck will be less likely to resist the effects of criticals aimed at the neck for example.

Change Critical Image

  • Allows players to set custom images when criticals occur.
  • Images must be placed in the “Fire Prowrestling World\EGOData\Images” folder; create the folder if it does not exist.
  • Images must include either the Wrestler’s name, Ring name, or “Critical” in order to be used as a replacement.
  • Images must adhere to the dimension requirements (648x328), and be .png files.

Recovery Taunt Options

  • Gives edits the ability to randomly perform a taunt when grounded. Requirements for the feature are outlined in the mod description

  • Dynamic Audience Sounds (by Zin5ki)

  • This makes the audience use different types of cheers instead of the default every time.

  • This is fully compatible with the ModPack’s Sound Replacement functionality.

Referee Calls for Near Falls

  • Referee will announce a two count when near falls occur.

Edits Sell Holds

  • Makes edits play voice lines when defending against a submission hold.
  • Frequency is determined by Showmanship (CPU Logic) and how damaged the defender currently is.
  • Four different voice lines for each damage level (Small, Medium, Large, Critical).

Ukemi Trigger Notification

  • Plays crowd cheers when a wrestler’s Ukemi bonus triggers.

Dangerous Headbutts

  • Allows grapple headbutts to cause bleeding on the attacker.

Referee Calls Downs

  • Referee calls for a break when an edit goes down (10 Count Rules only).

Defender Sets up Dives

  • Gives the defender a chance (based on Showmanship and damage taken) to allow the completion of dives by the attacker.
  • For standing dives, the defender will stand up dazed.
  • For ground dives, the defender will remain down longer. If he is face down, he will also roll over to allow potential pinning dives to occur.

Corner Moves Cause Stun

  • Makes corner moves executed during Large/Critical damage force the opponent to stand up dazed.
  • This will only occur if the attacker’s finisher is a Corner to Center, Apron to Ring or Dive vs Standing Opponent move.

As always, back up your saves as a precaution before installing it.

Download Link

Installation instructions can be found here.

Link to all collected Recovery Taunts