Extra Game Options (EGO) Collection 2.0


Yes, please send a log file.


Released a minor update that resolves a bug related to the Forced Sell option.


When random Discord discussions become mod ideas.


Easily my favorite example of a custom critical image; courtesy of Turrible666.


That’s amazing. Where can I find more like these?


Some people on Carl’s Discord server are creating images.


Thanks to Suneed and his Kip-Up (https://twitter.com/suneed705) I’ve started a new mod idea.


Any plans for the Better Referee Management mod to make it over, or is it not compatible?


Sure, I could move it over later.


New Update

This introduces a new feature, “Recovery Taunt Options”, which gives edits the ability to randomly perform a taunt when grounded. Requirements for the feature are outlined in the mod description.
Many thanks to @suneed and @DakotaK for giving me permission to use their taunts (Kip-up, Defiance, Sit-up) when creating this feature.
Follow the instructions for creation and feel free to make your own taunts!

Included Taunts - These should be added as Performance moves.

Video of included taunts


Added a new option to Recovery Taunts called “Rolling”. Players can use this to make edits execute a normal “Rolling Over” animation, instead of a custom taunt.